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Tang, G., Yin, C. M., Peng, X. J. & Griswold, C. (2009). Six crab spiders of the family Stephanopinae from Southeast Asia (Araneae: Thomisidae). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 57: 39-50. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cebrenninus kalawitanus Thomisidae 40 (T from Cupa=Epidius, S with C. rugosus; misidentified after Benjamin, 2016) Cebrenninus rugosus
Cebrenninus tangi Thomisidae 40, f. 1A-F (m; misidentified) Cebrenninus rugosus
Epidius armatus Thomisidae 42, f. 2A-F (Tf from Platythomisus) Epidius bazarus
Epidius gongi Thomisidae 44, f. 4A-I (Tmf from Cupa, S) Epidius gongi
Epidius rubropictus Thomisidae 44, f. 3A-J (Tmf from Philodromus) Epidius ganxiensis
Pharta nigra Thomisidae 44, f. 5A-E (Df) Sanmenia nigra
Pharta tengchong Thomisidae 47, f. 6A-F (Df) Sanmenia tengchong
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