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Wang, X. P., Griswold, C. E. & Ubick, D. (2009). On the pseudoterrestris species group of the spider genus Coelotes (Araneae, Amaurobiidae). Zootaxa 2313: 1-34. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Coelotes suthepicus Agelenidae 23, f. 109-127 (mf) Coelotes suthepicus
Sinocoelotes acicularis Agelenidae 4, f. 1-26 (Dmf) Coelotes acicularis
Sinocoelotes guangxian Agelenidae 10, f. 27-41 (mf) Coelotes guangxian
Sinocoelotes pseudoguangxian Agelenidae 11, f. 42-48 (Df) Coelotes pseudoguangxian
Sinocoelotes pseudoterrestris Agelenidae 13, f. 49-87 (mf) Coelotes pseudoterrestris
Sinocoelotes pseudoyunnanensis Agelenidae 19, f. 88-108 (Dmf) Coelotes pseudoyunnanensis
Sinocoelotes thailandensis Agelenidae 26, f. 128-142 (mf) Coelotes thailandensis
Sinocoelotes yanhengmei Agelenidae 32, f. 147-153 (Df) Coelotes yanhengmei
Sinocoelotes yunnanensis Agelenidae 29, f. 143-146 (f) Coelotes yunnanensis
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