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Wesolowska, W. (2009c). A revision of the African spider genus Nigorella (Araneae: Salticidae). Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 59: 517-525. doi:10.3161/000345409x484900 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Nigorella aethiopica Salticidae 518, f. 2-8 (mf) Nigorella aethiopica
Nigorella albimana Salticidae 519, f. 9-15, 30, 32 (removed mf from S of N. plebeja, contra Prószyński, 1987: 71) Nigorella albimana
Nigorella hirsuta Salticidae 521, f. 16-25, 31, 33 (Dmf) Nigorella hirsuta
Nigorella manica Salticidae 523, f. 26-29 (removed m from S of N. albimana, contra Lessert, 1927) Nigorella manica
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