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Almeida-Silva, L. M., Griswold, C. E. & Brescovit, A. D. (2010). Revision of the Asian spider genus Pandava Lehtinen (Araneae: Titanoecidae): description of five new species and first record of Titanoecidae from Africa. Zootaxa 2630: 30-56. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Pandava ganesha Titanoecidae 54, f. 103-104 (Df) Pandava ganesha
Pandava ganga Titanoecidae 50, f. 99-100 (Df) Pandava ganga
Pandava hunanensis Titanoecidae 37, f. 38-57 (mf) Pandava hunanensis
Pandava kama Titanoecidae 53, f. 101-102 (Df) Pandava kama
Pandava laminata Titanoecidae 34, f. 1-37 (mf) Pandava laminata
Pandava sarasvati Titanoecidae 49, f. 84-98 (Dmf) Pandava sarasvati
Pandava shiva Titanoecidae 43, f. 58-83 (Dmf) Pandava shiva
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