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Bosmans, R., Cardoso, P. & Crespo, L. C. (2010). A review of the linyphiid spiders of Portugal, with the description of six new species (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Zootaxa 2473: 1-67. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.2473.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bordea berlandi Linyphiidae 8, f. 1-7 (Tf from Palliduphantes, Dm) Bordea berlandi
Bordea cavicola Linyphiidae 8, f. 8-10 (mf) Bordea cavicola
Bordea negrei Linyphiidae 8, f. 11-13 (mf) Bordea negrei
Diplocephalus machadoi Linyphiidae 14, f. 14-22 (Dmf) Diplocephalus machadoi
Diplocephalus marijae Linyphiidae 16, f. 23-29 (Dmf) Diplocephalus marijae
Erigonoplus castellanus Linyphiidae 19, f. 30-36 (mf) Erigonoplus castellanus
Erigonoplus depressifrons Linyphiidae 19 (T from Acartauchenius; f. 37-42 see Erigonoplus ibericus) Erigonoplus depressifrons
Erigonoplus ibericus Linyphiidae 19, f. 37-42 (mf; misidentified per Bosmans & Déjean, 2022: 93) Erigonoplus depressifrons
Erigonoplus nasutus Linyphiidae 20, f. 43-46 (Tmf from Trachelocamptus=Acartauchenius) Erigonoplus nasutus
Maso douro Linyphiidae 28, f. 47-49 (Dm) Maso douro
Mecopisthes crassirostris Linyphiidae 29, f. 50-56 (mf) Mecopisthes crassirostris
Obscuriphantes bacelarae Linyphiidae 34, f. 57-63 (Tf from Lepthyphantes, Dm, S) Obscuriphantes bacelarae
Obscuriphantes obscurus Linyphiidae 36, f. 64-68 (mf) Obscuriphantes obscurus
Palliduphantes bolivari Linyphiidae 37, f. 69-73 (mf) Palliduphantes bolivari
Palliduphantes stygius Linyphiidae 40, f. 74-79 (mf) Palliduphantes stygius
Parapelecopsis conimbricensis Linyphiidae 41, f. 80-86 (Dmf) Parapelecopsis conimbricensis
Parapelecopsis nemoralis Linyphiidae 43, f. 87-93 (mf) Parapelecopsis nemoralis
Parapelecopsis susannae Linyphiidae 46, f. 99-104 (mf) Pelecopsis susannae
Pelecopsis monsantensis Linyphiidae 44, f. 94-98 (Dm) Pelecopsis monsantensis
Sintula iberica Linyphiidae 50, f. 105-110 (Dmf) Sintula iberica
Trichoncus trifidus Linyphiidae 54, f. 111-117 (mf) Trichoncus trifidus
Trichopterna cucurbitina Linyphiidae 55, f. 118-124 (mf, S) Trichopterna cucurbitina
Walckenaeria dalmasi Linyphiidae 59, f. 125-131 (mf) Walckenaeria dalmasi
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