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Buckup, E. H., Marques, M. A. L. & Rodrigues, E. N. L. (2010). Três espécies novas de Cryptachaea e notas taxonômicas em Theridiidae (Araneae). Iheringia, Série Zoologia 100: 341-355. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chrysso arops Theridiidae 342 (Sf) Chrysso arops
Cryptachaea altiventer Theridiidae 342 (S) Cryptachaea altiventer
Cryptachaea bonaldoi Theridiidae 349, f. 7-9 (Dmf) Cryptachaea bonaldoi
Cryptachaea brescoviti Theridiidae 347, f. 1-6 (Dmf) Cryptachaea brescoviti
Cryptachaea dalana Theridiidae 343 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Cryptachaea dalana
Cryptachaea dea Theridiidae 343 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Cryptachaea dea
Cryptachaea digitus Theridiidae 344 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Cryptachaea digitus
Cryptachaea hirta Theridiidae 344 (S) Cryptachaea hirta
Cryptachaea lisei Theridiidae 349, f. 10-11 (Dmf) Cryptachaea lisei
Cryptachaea taim Theridiidae 347 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Cryptachaea taim
Cryptachaea triguttata Theridiidae 347 (Tmf from Achaearanea) Cryptachaea triguttata
Exalbidion fungosum Theridiidae 351 (Tm from Theridion, Sf) Exalbidion fungosum
Hentziectypus rafaeli Theridiidae 351 (T from Cryptachaea) Hentziectypus rafaeli
Kochiura olaup Theridiidae 351, f. 12-13 (Df, T from Theridion) Kochiura olaup
Parasteatoda nigrovittata Theridiidae 352 (T from Achaearanea) Parasteatoda nigrovittata
Theridion bisignatum Theridiidae 352, f. 14-16 (removed m from S of T. calcynatum, contra Miller, 2007a: 247, Sf, lapsus in gender of specific name) Theridion bisignatus
Theridion filum Theridiidae 353 (Sf) Theridion filum
Theridion soaresi Theridiidae 354 (S of Theridion altum) Theridion soaresi
Theridion teresae Theridiidae 354 (Sm) Theridion teresae
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