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Carico, J. E. & Silva, E. L. C. da (2010a). Taxonomic review of the Neotropical spider genus Paradossenus (Araneae: Lycosoidea: Trechaleidae: Trechaleinae) with a new erection of the subfamily Trechaleinae and a key to included genera. Journal of Arachnology 38: 212-236. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amapalea brasiliana Trechaleidae 235, f. A15 (m) Amapalea brasiliana
Caricelea wayrapata Trechaleidae 235, f. A16 (m) Caricelea wayrapata
Dyrines striatipes Trechaleidae 234, f. A10 (m) Dyrines striatipes
Enna junin Trechaleidae 229, f. 19-20 (Df) Paradossenus junin
Enna velox Trechaleidae 235, f. A12 (m) Enna velox
Paradossenus acanthocymbium Trechaleidae 231, f. 38-42 (Dmf) Paradossenus acanthocymbium
Paradossenus benicito Trechaleidae 229, f. 21-24 (Dmf) Paradossenus benicito
Paradossenus caricoi Trechaleidae 228, f. 15-16 (f) Paradossenus caricoi
Paradossenus corumba Trechaleidae 230, f. 29-33 (mf) Paradossenus corumba
Paradossenus isthmus Trechaleidae 224, f. 10-14 (Dmf) Paradossenus isthmus
Paradossenus longipes Trechaleidae 214, f. 1-3, 5-9, A11 (mf, S) Paradossenus longipes
Paradossenus minimus Trechaleidae 232, f. 45-46 (f) Paradossenus minimus
Paradossenus pozo Trechaleidae 233, f. 47-50 (Dmf) Paradossenus pozo
Paradossenus pulcher Trechaleidae 228, f. 17-18 (f) Paradossenus pulcher
Paradossenus sabana Trechaleidae 232, f. 43-44 (Dm) Paradossenus sabana
Paradossenus santaremensis Trechaleidae 235, f. A14 (m) Magnichela santaremensis
Paradossenus santaremensis Trechaleidae 231, f. 34-37, A13 (Dmf) [] Paradossenus amazonensis
Paradossenus tocantins Trechaleidae 229, f. 25-28 (Dmf) Paradossenus tocantins
Paratrechalea ornata Trechaleidae 234, f. A7-8 (mf) Paratrechalea ornata
Trechalea longitarsis Trechaleidae 234, f. A3-4 (m, lapsus) Trechalea longipes
Trechaleoides keyserlingi Trechaleidae 234, f. A5-6 (mf) Trechaleoides keyserlingi
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