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Dimitrov, D. & Hormiga, G. (2010). Mr. Darwin's mysterious spider: on the type species of the genus Leucauge White, 1841 (Tetragnathidae, Araneae). Zootaxa 2396: 19-36. download pdf


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Leucauge argyrobapta Tetragnathidae 24, f. 1A-G, 2A-F, 3A-B, 4A-D, 5A-G, 6A-G, 7A-D, 8A-G, 9A-F, 10A-G, 11A-G (mf; S of L. argyrobapta, rejected by Ballesteros & Hormiga, 2018: 192) [misidentified per Ballesteros & Hormiga, 2018: 192] Leucauge venusta
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