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Gray, M. R. (2010). A revision of the Australian funnel-web spiders (Hexathelidae: Atracinae). Records of the Australian Museum 62: 285-392. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Atrax robustus Atracidae 299, f. 1A, C, 4A-H, 5A-G, 6A-K (mf) Atrax robustus
Atrax sutherlandi Atracidae 304, f. 12A-G, 13A-G, 14A-K (Dmf) Atrax sutherlandi
Atrax yorkmainorum Atracidae 302, f. 8A-G, 9A-G, 10A-K (Dmf) Atrax yorkmainorum
Hadronyche adelaidensis Atracidae 386, f. 106A-G, 107A-G (mf) Hadronyche adelaidensis
Hadronyche alpina Atracidae 326, f. 34A-G, 35A-G, 36A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche alpina
Hadronyche annachristiae Atracidae 381, f. 3G-H, 99A-G, 100A-G (Dm) Hadronyche annachristiae
Hadronyche cerberea Atracidae 312, f. 20A-H, 21A-H, 22A-K (mf) Hadronyche cerberea
Hadronyche emmalizae Atracidae 319, f. 27A-G, 28A-G, 29A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche emmalizae
Hadronyche eyrei Atracidae 387, f. 108A-G (f) Hadronyche eyrei
Hadronyche flindersi Atracidae 385, f. 103A-G, 104A-G (mf) Hadronyche flindersi
Hadronyche formidabilis Atracidae 322, f. 1F, 30A-G, 31A-H, 32A-K (m, Df) Hadronyche formidabilis
Hadronyche infensa Atracidae 355, f. 3A, E-F, 68A-G, 69A-H, 70A-K (mf) Hadronyche infensa
Hadronyche jensenae Atracidae 351, f. 64A-G, 65A-K (Dm) Hadronyche jensenae
Hadronyche kaputarensis Atracidae 367, f. 82A-G (Dm) Hadronyche kaputarensis
Hadronyche lamingtonensis Atracidae 379, f. 97A-H, 98A-E (Dm) Hadronyche lamingtonensis
Hadronyche levittgreggae Atracidae 374, f. 91A-G, 92A-G, 93A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche levittgreggae
Hadronyche lynabrae Atracidae 364, f. 79A-G, 80A-G, 81A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche lynabrae
Hadronyche macquariensis Atracidae 368, f. 84A-g, 85A-G, 86A-J (Dmf) Hadronyche macquariensis
Hadronyche marracoonda Atracidae 332, f. 41A-G, 42A-G, 43A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche marracoonda
Hadronyche mascordi Atracidae 339, f. 50A-G, 51A-G, 52A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche mascordi
Hadronyche meridiana Atracidae 348, f. 60A-G, 61A-G, 62A-K (m, Df) Hadronyche meridiana
Hadronyche modesta Atracidae 346, f. 57A-G, 58A-G, 59A-K (f, Dm) Hadronyche modesta
Hadronyche monaro Atracidae 337, f. 47A-G, 48A-K (Dm) Hadronyche monaro
Hadronyche monteithi Atracidae 383, f. 102A-H (Dm) Hadronyche monteithi
Hadronyche nimoola Atracidae 342, f. 3C, 53A-G, 54A-G, 55A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche nimoola
Hadronyche orana Atracidae 358, f. 72A-G, 73A-G, 74A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche orana
Hadronyche pulvinator Atracidae 354, f. 66A-G (f) Hadronyche pulvinator
Hadronyche raveni Atracidae 378, f. 94A-H, 95A-D (Dm) Hadronyche raveni
Hadronyche tambo Atracidae 335, f. 3I, 45A-G, 46A-K (Dm) Hadronyche tambo
Hadronyche valida Atracidae 361, f. 75A-G, 76A-G, 77A-K (mf) Hadronyche valida
Hadronyche venenata Atracidae 329, f. 38A-G, 39A-G, 40A-K (mf) Hadronyche venenata
Hadronyche versuta Atracidae 316, f. 1B, 3D, 23A-F, 24A-G, 25A-K (f, Dm) Hadronyche versuta
Hadronyche walkeri Atracidae 371, f. 87A-G, 88A-G, 89A-K (Dmf) Hadronyche walkeri
Illawarra wisharti Atracidae 308, f. 3B, 16A-I, 17A-I, 18A-K (Dmf) Illawarra wisharti
Genus Family Page
Illawarra Gray, 2010 Atracidae 306