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Banks, N. (1899a). Arachnida. In: Ashmead, W. H. (ed.) Reports upon the insects, mites and myriapods collected by Dr. L. Stejneger and Mr. G.E.H. Barrett-Hamilton on the Commander Islands. Report of Fur-Seal Investigations, 1896-97, 328-351 (pt. IV, Appendix C, pp. 347-350). download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lepthyphantes arcticus Linyphiidae 347 Bathyphantes arcticus
Oreonetides vaginatus Linyphiidae 348 Microneta ululabilis
Porrhomma boreale Linyphiidae 347, pl. A, f. 1 (D) Gongylidium borealis
No genus found for this reference