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Marusik, Y. M. & Esyunin, S. L. (2010). On the northernmost Ajmonia Caporiacco, 1934 (Aranei: Dictynidae: Dictyninae). Journal of Natural History 44(5-6): 361-367. doi:10.1080/00222930903383578 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ajmonia aurita Dictynidae 362, f. 1A-I, 2F (mf) Ajmonia aurita
Ajmonia capucina Dictynidae 364, f. 3D-F (m) Ajmonia capucina
Ajmonia lehtineni Dictynidae 364, f. 2A-E, G-H (mf) Ajmonia lehtineni
Ajmonia psittacea Dictynidae 364, f. 3A-C (m) Ajmonia psittacea
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