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Platnick, N. I. & Dupérré, N. (2010b). The goblin spider genera Stenoonops and Australoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), with notes on related taxa. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 340: 1-111. doi:10.1206/714.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Australoonops granulatus Oonopidae 96, f. 727-759, 764-797 (m, Df) Australoonops granulatus
Australoonops haddadi Oonopidae 105, f. 821-843 (Dmf) Australoonops haddadi
Australoonops skaife Oonopidae 105, f. 760-763, 798-820 (Dmf) Australoonops skaife
Longoonops bicolor Oonopidae 75, f. 555-625 (Dmf) Longoonops bicolor
Longoonops chickeringi Oonopidae 75, f. 626-648 (Dmf) Longoonops chickeringi
Longoonops gorda Oonopidae 86, f. 704-726 (Dmf) Longoonops gorda
Longoonops padiscus Oonopidae 86, f. 649-703 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Longoonops padiscus
Reductoonops bayano Oonopidae 31, f. 185-194 (f only, misidentified) Stenoonops canita
Scaphioides cletus Oonopidae 9 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides cletus
Scaphioides econotus Oonopidae 9 (Tf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides econotus
Scaphioides halatus Oonopidae 9 (Tf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides halatus
Scaphioides hoffi Oonopidae 9 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides hoffi
Scaphioides minuta Oonopidae 9 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides minuta
Scaphioides nitens Oonopidae 9 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides nitens
Scaphioides phonetus Oonopidae 9 (Tmf from Stenoonops) Scaphioides phonetus
Stenoonops alazan Oonopidae 20, f. 71-80 (Df) Stenoonops alazan
Stenoonops belmopan Oonopidae 20, f. 94-103 (Df) Stenoonops belmopan
Stenoonops bimini Oonopidae 35, f. 236-258 (Dmf) Stenoonops bimini
Stenoonops cabo Oonopidae 20, f. 81-93 (Dm) Stenoonops cabo
Stenoonops canita Oonopidae 31, f. 172-194 (Dm; not f, =Reductoonops bayano) Stenoonops canita
Stenoonops dimotus Oonopidae 40, f. 259-268 (f) Stenoonops dimotus
Stenoonops exgord Oonopidae 63, f. 391-396, 482-494 (Dmf) Stenoonops exgord
Stenoonops insolitus Oonopidae 40, f. 279-302 (mf) Stenoonops insolitus
Stenoonops jara Oonopidae 45, f. 316-328 (Dm) Stenoonops jara
Stenoonops kochalkai Oonopidae 31, f. 222-235 (Dm) Stenoonops kochalkai
Stenoonops luquillo Oonopidae 45, f. 329-351 (Dmf) Stenoonops luquillo
Stenoonops macabus Oonopidae 45, f. 303-315 (m) Stenoonops macabus
Stenoonops mandeville Oonopidae 40, f. 269-278 (Df) Stenoonops mandeville
Stenoonops murphyorum Oonopidae 20, f. 104-126 (Dmf) Stenoonops murphyorum
Stenoonops peckorum Oonopidae 10, f. 1-70 (Dmf) Stenoonops peckorum
Stenoonops petrunkevitchi Oonopidae 26, f. 127-171 (mf) Stenoonops petrunkevitchi
Stenoonops pretiosus Oonopidae 50, f. 352-390, 397-430 (Tmf from Oonopinus) Stenoonops pretiosus
Stenoonops saba Oonopidae 63, f. 495-504 (Df) Stenoonops saba
Stenoonops saintjohn Oonopidae 50, f. 431-459 (Dmf) Stenoonops saintjohn
Stenoonops scabriculus Oonopidae 63, f. 505-531 (m, Df) Stenoonops scabriculus
Stenoonops simla Oonopidae 71, f. 532-554 (Dmf) Stenoonops simla
Stenoonops tayrona Oonopidae 31, f. 195-221 (Dmf) Stenoonops tayrona
Stenoonops tortola Oonopidae 63, f. 460-481 (Dmf) Stenoonops tortola
Theotima centralis Ochyroceratidae 4 (Tmf from Oonopinus, after Brignoli, 1978a: 20) Theotima centralis
Theotima modesta Ochyroceratidae 4 (Tf from Oonopinus, after Brignoli, 1978a: 20) Theotima modesta
Genus Family Page
Longoonops Platnick & Dupérré, 2010 Oonopidae 71