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Rix, M. G. & Harvey, M. S. (2010a). The spider family Micropholcommatidae (Arachnida, Araneae, Araneoidea): a relimitation and revision at the generic level. ZooKeys 36: 1-321. doi:10.3897/zookeys.36.306 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Algidiella aucklandica Anapidae 71, f. 7K, 120A-D, 121A-B, 122A-F, 123A-F, 124A-D, 125A-H, 126A, C, E, 138D (Tm from Textricella=Eterosonycha, Df) Algidiella aucklandica
Austropholcomma florentine Anapidae 31, f. 7C, 12C, 22B, D, 23E-F, 30A-D, 31A-B, 32A-B, 33A-B, 36A-F, 37A-F, 38A-D, 39A-F (Dmf) Austropholcomma florentine
Austropholcomma walpole Anapidae 32, f. 33C, 34A-D, 35A-B (Dmf) Austropholcomma walpole
Eperiella alsophila Anapidae 68, f. 7J, 47D, 109A-D, 110A-B, 111A-B, 112A-B, 115A-D, 116A-F, 117A-D, 118A-F, 119A-F (Dmf) Eperiella alsophila
Eperiella hastings Anapidae 69, f. 112C-D, 113A-D, 114A-B (Dmf) Eperiella hastings
Epigastrina fulva Anapidae 44, f. 7F, 61A-D, 62A-B, 63A-C, 67A-F, 68A-F, 69A-D, 70A-H, 71B-D (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Epigastrina fulva
Epigastrina loongana Anapidae 44, f. 63D, 64A-C (Df) Epigastrina loongana
Epigastrina typhlops Anapidae 45, f. 63E, 65A-D, 66A-B (Dmf) Epigastrina typhlops
Eterosonycha alpina Anapidae 38, f. 11D, 48A-D, 49A-B, 50, 51A-B, 56A-H, 57A-H, 58A-F, 59A-D, 60A-H, 71A, 222A-B (mf, S of Textricella parva) Eterosonycha alpina
Eterosonycha aquilina Anapidae 39, f. 7E, 51C, 52A-D, 53A-B (Dmf) Eterosonycha aquilina
Eterosonycha complexa Anapidae 41 Eterosonycha complexa
Eterosonycha ocellata Anapidae 41, f. 51D, 54A-D, 55A-B (Dmf) Eterosonycha ocellata
Gigiella milledgei Anapidae 98, f. 7Q, 10D, 193C, E, 194A-D, 195A, 196A-B, 197A-B, 198A-F, 199A-F, 200A-H, 201A-F, 202A-F (Dmf) Gigiella milledgei
Gigiella platnicki Anapidae 100, f. 7R, 193A-B, D, F, 195B, 197C-D, 203A-D, 204A-B, 205A-F, 206A-F, 207A-D, 208A-F, 209A-D (Dmf) Gigiella platnicki
Guiniella tropica Anapidae 47, f. 72A-C, 73 (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Guiniella tropica
Micropholcomma bryophilum Anapidae 25, f. 10A-B, 11B, 12A, D, 15C, 18A-F, 19A-F, 20A-D, 21A-F, 22A, C, 23A-B (mf) Micropholcomma bryophilum
Micropholcomma caeligena Anapidae 24, f. 7A, 9A, 12D, 13A-D, 14A-B, 15A-B (mf) Micropholcomma caeligenum
Micropholcomma junee Anapidae 25, f. 15D, 16A-D, 17A-B (Dmf) Micropholcomma junee
Micropholcomma longissimum Anapidae 27, f. 15E (f) Micropholcomma longissimum
Normplatnicka barrettae Anapidae 64, f. 99D, 100A-D, 101A-B (Dmf) Normplatnicka barrettae
Normplatnicka chilensis Anapidae 65, f. 99C, 102A-D, 103A-B (Dmf) Normplatnicka chilensis
Normplatnicka lamingtonensis Anapidae 63, f. 7I, 8G, 11A, E, 46A, 47A, C, 96A-D, 97A-B, 98, 99A-B, 104A-F, 105A-F, 106A-D, 107A-F, 108A-F (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Normplatnicka lamingtonensis
Olgania cracroft Anapidae 92, f. 178D, 179C, 180A-D, 181A-B (Dmf) Olgania cracroft
Olgania eberhardi Anapidae 93, f. 179A, 182A-C, 183A-B (Dm) Olgania eberhardi
Olgania excavata Anapidae 91, f. 7O, 152D-E, 176A-D, 177A-C, 178A, 188A-F, 189A-D, 190A-F, 191A-D, 192A-F (mf) Olgania excavata
Olgania troglodytes Anapidae 94, f. 178C, 179D, 184A-D, 185A-B (Dmf) Olgania troglodytes
Olgania weld Anapidae 96, f. 178B, 179B, 186A-D, 187A-B (Dmf) Olgania weld
Patelliella adusta Anapidae 78, f. 7N, 143A-D, 144A-B, 145A-B, 146A-B, 147A-F, 148A-F, 149A-F, 150A-H, 151A-F (Dmf) Patelliella adusta
Pua novaezealandiae Anapidae 29, f. 7B, 11F, 12B, 15F, 23C-D, 24A-D, 25A-B, 26A-F, 27A-F, 28A-D, 29A-F (mf) Pua novaezealandiae
Raveniella hickmani Anapidae 49, f. 75A-B, 77A (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Raveniella hickmani
Raveniella luteola Anapidae 49, f. 46B, 74A-D, 75C, 78A-C, 79A-H, 80A-F, 81A-D, 82A-H, 83A-F (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Raveniella luteola
Raveniella peckorum Anapidae 50, f. 7G, 11C, 75D, 76A-D, 77B, 78D-F, 221D (Dmf) Raveniella peckorum
Rayforstia antipoda Anapidae 57, f. 86C-D, 87D (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia antipoda
Rayforstia insula Anapidae 57 (Tm from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia insula
Rayforstia lordhowensis Anapidae 57, f. 87E, 88A-D, 89A-B (Dmf) Rayforstia lordhowensis
Rayforstia mcfarlanei Anapidae 58 (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia mcfarlanei
Rayforstia plebeia Anapidae 59 (Tf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia plebeia
Rayforstia propinqua Anapidae 59, f. 86E-F, 87F (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia propinqua
Rayforstia raveni Anapidae 59, f. 90A-C, 91A-B (Dm) Rayforstia raveni
Rayforstia salmoni Anapidae 60, f. 86G, 87G (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia salmoni
Rayforstia scuta Anapidae 61, f. 86H, 87H (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia scuta
Rayforstia signata Anapidae 61, f. 86A-B, 87C (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia signata
Rayforstia vulgaris Anapidae 56, f. 7H, 47B, 84A-D, 85A-B, 87A-B, 92A-F, 93A-F, 94A-D, 95A-F (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia vulgaris
Rayforstia wisei Anapidae 62 (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Rayforstia wisei
Taliniella nigra Anapidae 73, f. 7L, 127A-D, 128A-C, 131A-F, 132A-F, 133A-D, 134A-H, 135A-D, 138C (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Taliniella nigra
Taliniella vinki Anapidae 73, f. 129A-C, 130A-B (Dm) Taliniella vinki
Taphiassa castanea Anapidae 85, f. 152C, 163A-D, 164A-B, 169C, 170A-H, 171A-D, 172A-F, 173A-F, 174A-F, 175A-D (Dmf) Taphiassa castanea
Taphiassa globosa Anapidae 86, f. 165A-D, 166A-B, 169D, 223C-E (Dmf) Taphiassa globosa
Taphiassa impressa Anapidae 82, f. 153A-C, 154A-B (f) Taphiassa impressa
Taphiassa magna Anapidae 88, f. 167A-D, 168A-B, 169A (Dmf) Taphiassa magna
Taphiassa punctata Anapidae 89, f. 9C, 169B, E-F (mf, T from Parapua) Taphiassa punctata
Taphiassa robertsi Anapidae 82, f. 2, 7P, 8B, D, F, H, 10E-F, 152A-B, F, 154C-D, 155A-D, 156A-B, 157A-H, 158A-D, 159A-F, 160A-F, 161A-F, 162A-F, 223F-G (Dmf) Taphiassa robertsi
Teutoniella cekalovici Anapidae 12, f. 5A-F (m) Teutoniella cekalovici
Tinytrella pusilla Anapidae 75, f. 7M, 8A, C, E, 9B, 10C, 126B, D, F, 136A-D, 137A-B, 138A-B, 139A-F, 140A-F, 141A-D, 142A-F (Tmf from Textricella=Eterosonycha) Tinytrella pusilla
Tricellina gertschi Anapidae 35, f. 7D, 23G-H, 33D, 40A-D, 41A-B, 42A-F, 43A-F, 44A-D, 45A-F (mf) Tricellina gertschi
Genus Family Page
Algidiella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 70
Austropholcomma Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 30
Eperiella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 67
Epigastrina Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 42
Gigiella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 97
Guiniella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 46
Normplatnicka Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 62
Patelliella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 77
Raveniella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 47
Rayforstia Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 55
Taliniella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 72
Tinytrella Rix & Harvey, 2010 Anapidae 74