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Rix, M. G., Harvey, M. S. & Roberts, J. D. (2010). A revision of the textricellin spider genus Raveniella (Araneae: Araneoidea: Micropholcommatidae): exploring patterns of phylogeny and biogeography in an Australian biodiversity hotspot. Invertebrate Systematics 24(3): 209-237. doi:10.1071/IS09048 download pdf


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Raveniella apopsis Anapidae 223, f. 10C, 12A, C (Dmf) Raveniella apopsis
Raveniella arenacea Anapidae 226, f. 9C, 10G, 14A-B (Dmf) Raveniella arenacea
Raveniella cirrata Anapidae 228, f. 9F, 10H, 16A, C (Dmf) Raveniella cirrata
Raveniella hickmani Anapidae 223, f. 9A, 10A, 11A-C (mf) Raveniella hickmani
Raveniella janineae Anapidae 231, f. 9E, 10E, 18B, D (Dmf) Raveniella janineae
Raveniella luteola Anapidae 222, f. 10B, 11D (f) Raveniella luteola
Raveniella mucronata Anapidae 232, f. 9D, 10F, 12B, D (Dmf) Raveniella mucronata
Raveniella peckorum Anapidae 234, f. 1A-D, 8A-C, 9B, 10D, 18A, C (mf) Raveniella peckorum
Raveniella subcirrata Anapidae 234, f. 10I, 16B, D (Dmf) Raveniella subcirrata
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