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Uyar, Z., Kaya, R. S. & Uğurtaş, İ. H. (2010). Systematics of the philodromid spider fauna of Uludağ Mountain region (Araneae: Philodromidae) with a review of the Philodromidae in Turkey. Serket 12: 47-60. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Philodromus aureolus Philodromidae 49, f. 2-4 (mf) Philodromus aureolus
Philodromus cespitum Philodromidae 51, f. 5-6 (f) Philodromus cespitum
Philodromus collinus Philodromidae 51, f. 7a-b (m) Philodromus collinus
Philodromus pinetorum Philodromidae 52, f. 8a-b (m) Philodromus pinetorum
Philodromus rufus Philodromidae 53, f. 9-10 (f) Philodromus rufus
Thanatus atratus Philodromidae 54, f. 11-13 (mf) Thanatus atratus
Thanatus imbecillus Philodromidae 56, f. 14a-b (m) Thanatus imbecillus
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