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West, R. C. & Nunn, S. C. (2010b). A taxonomic revision of the tarantula spider genus Coremiocnemis Simon 1892 (Araneae, Theraphosidae), with further notes on the Selenocosmiinae. Zootaxa 2443: 1-64. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Coremiocnemis cunicularia Theraphosidae 9, f. 1-30 (f, Tm from C. valida) Coremiocnemis cunicularia
Coremiocnemis hoggi Theraphosidae 28, f. 78-111 (Df; not m, =Psednocnemis davidgohi) Coremiocnemis hoggi
Coremiocnemis kotacana Theraphosidae 46, f. 152-172 (Df) Coremiocnemis kotacana
Coremiocnemis obscura Theraphosidae 51, f. 173-191 (Df) Coremiocnemis obscura
Coremiocnemis valida Theraphosidae 56, f. 192-217 (f) Coremiocnemis valida
Psednocnemis brachyramosa Theraphosidae 16, f. 31-58 (Dmf) Coremiocnemis brachyramosa
Psednocnemis davidgohi Theraphosidae 28, f. 112-118 (m, misidentified) Coremiocnemis hoggi
Psednocnemis gnathospina Theraphosidae 24, f. 59-77 (Df) Coremiocnemis gnathospina
Psednocnemis jeremyhuffi Theraphosidae 38, f. 119-147 (Dmf) Coremiocnemis jeremyhuffi
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