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Zhang, Z. S. & Zhu, M. S. (2010a). Revision of the coelotine spider genus Himalcoelotes Wang, 2002 (Araneae: Amaurobiidae) from Tibet, China. Zoological Science 27: 56-60. download pdf


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Himalcoelotes gyirongensis Agelenidae 57, f. 1A-C (m) Himalcoelotes gyirongensis
Himalcoelotes tortuous Agelenidae 57, f. 2A-B (Df) Himalcoelotes tortuous
Himalcoelotes xizangensis Agelenidae 58, f. 3A-E (f, Dm) Himalcoelotes xizangensis
Himalcoelotes zhamensis Agelenidae 58, f. 4A-E (Dmf) Himalcoelotes zhamensis
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