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Benjamin, S. P. (2011). Phylogenetics and comparative morphology of crab spiders (Araneae: Dionycha, Thomisidae). Zootaxa 3080: 1-108. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3080.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aphantochilus rogersi Thomisidae 11, f. 7B, 10A-E, 11A-F, 12A-D, 13A-F, 14A-F (mf) Aphantochilus rogersi
Borboropactus bituberculatus Thomisidae 11, f. 5A, 20A-B, D (mf, S of Borboropactus divergens and B. hainanus) Borboropactus bituberculatus
Borboropactus cinerascens Thomisidae 12, f. 18A-E (mf) Borboropactus cinerascens
Borboropactus nyerere Thomisidae 12, f. 6A-B, 19A-E, 22A-F, 23A-F, 24A-F, 25A-F, 26A-D (Dmf) Borboropactus nyerere
Borboropactus squalidus Thomisidae 53, f. 5B, 20C (f) Borboropactus squalidus
Bucranium taurifrons Thomisidae 11, f. 7H, 15A-D, 16A-F, 17A-F (mf) Aphantochilus taurifrons
Cebrenninus magnus Thomisidae 13, f. 5C, F, 8B, E-F, 27A-E, 28A-F, 29A-F (mf; misidentified after Benjamin, 2016) Cebrenninus rugosus
Cebrenninus srivijaya Thomisidae 13, f. 6D, 30A-E, 31A-F, 32A-F (Dmf) Cebrenninus srivijaya
Epidius binotatus Thomisidae 14, f. 33A-C, 34A-D, 38E-F (mf) Epidius binotatus
Epidius parvati Thomisidae 14, f. 7D, 36A-E, 37A-F, 38A-D (m) Epidius parvati
Epidius rubropictus Thomisidae 15, f. 5I, 35C-E (m, Sf) Epidius rubropictus
Epidius typicus Thomisidae 15, f. 35A-B (f) Epidius typicus
Geraesta hirta Thomisidae 15, f. 7F, 39A-E, 40A-F, 41A-F (m, Df, S) Geraesta hirta
Geraesta lehtineni Thomisidae 16, f. 42AD, 43A-F (Dmf) Geraesta lehtineni
Geraesta mkwawa Thomisidae 17, f. 6E-F, 44A-D, 45A-F, 46A-F (Dmf) Geraesta mkwawa
Isala cambridgei Thomisidae 19, f. 5D, G, 66A-G, 67A-F (mf) Stephanopis cambridgei
Mecaphesa asperata Thomisidae 19, f. 57A-E, 58A-F (mf) Mecaphesa asperata
Oxytate subvirens Thomisidae 19, f. 61A-E (mf) Oxytate subvirens
Pharta bimaculata Thomisidae 18, f. 5E, 48A-D (mf, S of Sanmenia kohi) Pharta bimaculata
Pharta brevipalpus Thomisidae 18, f. 47C (mf, S of Sanmenia zhengi) Pharta brevipalpus
Pharta gongshan Thomisidae 18, f. 7C, 8C, 47A-B, D-F, 49A-F, 50A-F, 51A-D (mf) Pharta gongshan
Philodromus rufus Philodromidae 19, f. 62A-G (mf) Philodromus rufus
Sidymella angulata Thomisidae 19, f. 65A-B (m) Sidymella angulata
Stiphropus lugubris Thomisidae 20, f. 70A-B, 73A-H (m) Stiphropus lugubris
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