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Dankittipakul, P. & Singtripop, T. (2011b). The spider genus Hersilia in Thailand, with descriptions of two new species (Araneae, Hersiliidae). Revue Suisse de Zoologie 118: 207-221. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hersilia asiatica Hersiliidae 208, f. 1-5, 27 (mf) Hersilia asiatica
Hersilia martensi Hersiliidae 211, f. 11-14 (m) Hersilia martensi
Hersilia serrata Hersiliidae 213, f. 15-19, 30 (Dmf) Hersilia serrata
Hersilia striata Hersiliidae 218, f. 25-26, 29 (f) Hersilia striata
Hersilia sundaica Hersiliidae 210, f. 6-10, 28, 31 (mf) Hersilia sundaica
Hersilia thailandica Hersiliidae 216, f. 20-24 (Dm) Hersilia thailandica
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