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JocquƩ, R. & Bosselaers, J. (2011). Revision of Pseudocorinna Simon and a new related genus (Araneae: Corinnidae): two more examples of spider templates with a large range of complexity in the genitalia. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 162: 271-350. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Crinopseudoa billeni Corinnidae 324, f. 45A-B, 48A-E, 59A (Dmf) Crinopseudoa billeni
Crinopseudoa bong Corinnidae 330, f. 43A-E, 44A-C, 45C-D, 47A-F, 49A-E, 59B (Dmf) Crinopseudoa bong
Crinopseudoa bongella Corinnidae 332, f. 50A-B (Dm) Crinopseudoa bongella
Crinopseudoa caligula Corinnidae 333, f. 46A-B, L, 51A-D, 59C (Dmf) Crinopseudoa caligula
Crinopseudoa catharinae Corinnidae 335, f. 45E-F, 52A-D, 59D (Dmf) Crinopseudoa catharinae
Crinopseudoa ephialtes Corinnidae 336, f. 46J, 53A-E, 59E (Dmf) Crinopseudoa ephialtes
Crinopseudoa flomoi Corinnidae 337, f. 45G-H, 46D-E, K, 54A-D, 59F (Dmf) Crinopseudoa flomoi
Crinopseudoa leiothorax Corinnidae 338, f. 55A-D, 59G (Dmf) Crinopseudoa leiothorax
Crinopseudoa otus Corinnidae 340, f. 46C, F-I, 56A-D, 59H (Dmf) Crinopseudoa otus
Crinopseudoa paucigranulata Corinnidae 342, f. 57A-B, 59I (Df) Crinopseudoa paucigranulata
Crinopseudoa titan Corinnidae 342, f. 58A-D, 59J (Dmf) Crinopseudoa titan
Pseudocorinna alligator Corinnidae 286, f. 5F, 6A-B, 7A-F, 9A-F, 38A (Dmf) Pseudocorinna alligator
Pseudocorinna amicorum Corinnidae 288, f. 9G-H, 38B (Df) Pseudocorinna amicorum
Pseudocorinna amphibia Corinnidae 289, f. 6D-I, 8A-C, 10A-D, 38C (Dmf) Pseudocorinna amphibia
Pseudocorinna banco Corinnidae 290, f. 11A-B, 38D (Df) Pseudocorinna banco
Pseudocorinna bilobata Corinnidae 290, f. 12A-D, 38E (Dmf) Pseudocorinna bilobata
Pseudocorinna brianeno Corinnidae 293, f. 11C-F (Dmf) Pseudocorinna brianeno
Pseudocorinna celisi Corinnidae 293, f. 13A-C, 38F (Df) Pseudocorinna celisi
Pseudocorinna christae Corinnidae 294, f. 13D-E, 38G (Df) Pseudocorinna christae
Pseudocorinna cymarum Corinnidae 295, f. 14A-D, 38H (Dmf) Pseudocorinna cymarum
Pseudocorinna doutreleponti Corinnidae 296, f. 15A-B (Dm) Pseudocorinna doutreleponti
Pseudocorinna eruca Corinnidae 297, f. 16A-B, 38I (Df) Pseudocorinna eruca
Pseudocorinna evertsi Corinnidae 297, f. 17A-E, 38J (Dmf) Pseudocorinna evertsi
Pseudocorinna febe Corinnidae 300, f. 21A-B, 38K (Df) Pseudocorinna febe
Pseudocorinna felix Corinnidae 301, f. 3A-F, 5A-E, 6C, 22A-D, 38L (Dmf) Pseudocorinna felix
Pseudocorinna gevaertsi Corinnidae 302, f. 23A-D, 38M (Dmf) Pseudocorinna gevaertsi
Pseudocorinna incisa Corinnidae 304, f. 24A-B, 38N (Df) Pseudocorinna incisa
Pseudocorinna juakalyi Corinnidae 304, f. 25A-D, 38O (Dmf) Pseudocorinna juakalyi
Pseudocorinna lanius Corinnidae 306, f. 26A-F, 38P (Dmf) Pseudocorinna lanius
Pseudocorinna lobelia Corinnidae 307, f. 31C-D (Dm) Pseudocorinna lobelia
Pseudocorinna natalis Corinnidae 307, f. 27A-F, 38Q (Dmf) Pseudocorinna natalis
Pseudocorinna naufraga Corinnidae 309, f. 28A-C, 38R (Df) Pseudocorinna naufraga
Pseudocorinna okupe Corinnidae 311, f. 31A-B (Dm) Pseudocorinna okupe
Pseudocorinna orientalis Corinnidae 312, f. 32A-D, 39A (Dmf) Pseudocorinna orientalis
Pseudocorinna perplexa Corinnidae 312, f. 33A-B (Dm) Pseudocorinna perplexa
Pseudocorinna personata Corinnidae 313, f. 34A-B, 39B (Df) Pseudocorinna personata
Pseudocorinna rutila Corinnidae 314, f. 4A-C, 35A-D (mf) Pseudocorinna rutila
Pseudocorinna septemaculeata Corinnidae 315, f. 35E (f) Pseudocorinna septemaculeata
Pseudocorinna ubicki Corinnidae 316, f. 36A-D, 39C (Dmf) Pseudocorinna ubicki
Pseudocorinna victoria Corinnidae 318, f. 37A-E, 39D (Dmf) Pseudocorinna victoria
Genus Family Page
Crinopseudoa JocquƩ & Bosselaers, 2011 Corinnidae 318