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Nzigidahera, B., Desnyder, W. & JocquƩ, R. (2011). An overview of the Afrotropical species of Mallinella (Araneae, Zodariidae) with the description of a remarkable new species from Burundi. Journal of Afrotropical Zoology 7: 19-27. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mallinella bandamaensis Zodariidae 26, f. O1 (m) Mallinella bandamaensis
Mallinella bicolor Zodariidae 26, f. Q (m) Mallinella bicolor
Mallinella bosmansi Zodariidae 21 (replacement name) Mallinella bosmansi
Mallinella debeiri Zodariidae 25, f. E1 (m) Mallinella debeiri
Mallinella etindei Zodariidae 26, f. M1 (m) Mallinella etindei
Mallinella koupensis Zodariidae 25, f. G (m) Mallinella koupensis
Mallinella leonardi Zodariidae 26, f. R1 (m) Mallinella leonardi
Mallinella manengoubensis Zodariidae 25, f. E2 (m) Mallinella manengoubensis
Mallinella mbaboensis Zodariidae 26, f. P1 (m) Mallinella mbaboensis
Mallinella mbamensis Zodariidae 25, f. K2 (m; N.B.: lapsus M. mbabensis in key) Mallinella mbamensis
Mallinella monticola Zodariidae 25, f. H1 (m) Mallinella monticola
Mallinella nyikae Zodariidae 25, f. H2 (m) Mallinella nyikae
Mallinella okuensis Zodariidae 25, f. K1 (m) Mallinella okuensis
Mallinella selecta Zodariidae 25, f. L1 (m) Mallinella selecta
Mallinella sylvatica Zodariidae 26, f. O2 (m, N.B.: lapsus M. silvaticus in key) Mallinella sylvatica
Mallinella tridentata Zodariidae 26, f. P2 (m) Mallinella tridentata
Mallinella triplex Zodariidae 21, f. 2A-D, M2 (Dmf) Mallinella triplex
Mallinella vandermarlierei Zodariidae 25, f. J (m) Mallinella vandermarlierei
Mallinella vittiventris Zodariidae 25, f. L2 (m) Mallinella vittiventris
Mallinella vokrensis Zodariidae 26, f. R2 (m) Mallinella vokrensis
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