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Ono, H. (2011b). Spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) of the Ogasawara Islands, Japan. Memoirs of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo 47: 435-470. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argyrodes bonadea Theridiidae 455, f. 68-74 (mf) Argyrodes bonadea
Caviphantes samensis Linyphiidae 448, f. 39-45 (m) Caviphantes samensis
Coleosoma octomaculatum Theridiidae 454, f. 62-67 (mf) Chrysso octomaculata
Erigone edentata Linyphiidae 449, f. 46-50 (mf) Erigone edentata
Euryopis perpusilla Theridiidae 456, f. 75-81 (Df) Euryopis perpusilla
Oecobius concinnus Oecobiidae 446, f. 31-36 (mf) Oecobius concinnus
Opadometa grata Tetragnathidae 459, f. 82-89, 98-99 (mf) Opadometa grata
Opopaea apicalis Oonopidae 441, f. 13-18 (mf) Epectris apicalis
Opopaea deserticola Oonopidae 442, f. 19-23 (m) Opopaea deserticola
Platnickina mneon Theridiidae 452, f. 56-61 (mf; may be a separate species from P. mneon) Platnickina adamsoni
Scytodes fusca Scytodidae 444, f. 24-30, 95 (m) Scytodes fusca
Theridion melanostictum Theridiidae 452, f. 51-55 (mf) Theridion melanostictum
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