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Piacentini, L. N. (2011). Three new species and new records in the wolf spider subfamily Sosippinae from Argentina (Araneae: Lycosidae). Zootaxa 3018: 27-49. download pdf


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Aglaoctenus lagotis Lycosidae 42, f. 14a-c, 15a-i, 16a-c, 17a-b, 18d, 19e (mf) Aglaoctenus lagotis
Aglaoctenus oblongus Lycosidae 38, f. 10a-c, 11a-i, 12a-c, 13a-b, 18e, 19d (mf) Aglaoctenus oblongus
Aglaoctenus puyen Lycosidae 33, f. 5a-c, 6a-b, 18a, 19a (Df) Aglaoctenus puyen
Aglaoctenus yacytata Lycosidae 35, f. 7a-c, 8a-b, 9a-b, 18b, 19b (Df) Aglaoctenus yacytata
Hippasella alhue Lycosidae 29, f. 1a-c, 2a-i, 3a-c, 4a-b, 18c, 19c (Dmf) Hippasella alhue
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