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Tanasevitch, A. V. (2011b). On linyphiid spiders from the eastern and central Mediterranean kept at the Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Geneva. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 118(1): 49-91. doi:10.5962/bhl.part.117799 download pdf


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Araeoncus cypriacus Linyphiidae 51, f. 1-5 (Dm) Araeoncus cypriacus
Araeoncus rhodes Linyphiidae 53, f. 6-12, 20 (Dmf) Araeoncus rhodes
Archaraeoncus hebraeus Linyphiidae 53, f. 13-19, 21 (Dmf) Archaraeoncus hebraeus
Canariphantes tenerrimus Linyphiidae 57, f. 22-26 (m) Canariphantes homonymus
Crosbyarachne silvestris Linyphiidae 59 (Tmf from Tapinocyba) Crosbyarachne silvestris
Erigone cristatopalpus Linyphiidae 60, f. 27-42, 48-52 (mf, S of Erigone simillima, E. viabilis and E. zographica) Erigone cristatopalpus
Erigone psychrophila Linyphiidae 63, f. 45 (m) Erigone psychrophila
Erigone remota Linyphiidae 63, f. 43 (m) Erigone remota
Erigone tirolensis Linyphiidae 63, f. 46-47 (m) Erigone tirolensis
Erigone whymperi Linyphiidae 63, f. 44 (m) Erigone whymperi
Gongylidiellum orduense Linyphiidae 66, f. 53-58 (m, Df) Gongylidiellum orduense
Improphantes cypriot Linyphiidae 67, f. 59-64 (Dm) Improphantes cypriot
Improphantes turok Linyphiidae 69, f. 65-69 (Dm) Improphantes turok
Jacksonella bidens Linyphiidae 71, f. 70-76 (Dmf) Jacksonella bidens
Megalepthyphantes globularis Linyphiidae 72, f. 77-81 (Df) Megalepthyphantes globularis
Megalepthyphantes turkeyensis Linyphiidae 74, f. 82-83 (m) Megalepthyphantes turkeyensis
Stemonyphantes serratus Linyphiidae 78, f. 84-92 (Dm) Stemonyphantes serratus
Tenuiphantes aequalis Linyphiidae 81, f. 93-103 (m) Tenuiphantes aequalis
Tenuiphantes herbicola Linyphiidae 83, f. 104-112 (m) Tenuiphantes herbicola
Troxochrus apertus Linyphiidae 83, f. 113-124 (Dmf) Troxochrus apertus
Typhochrestus ikarianus Linyphiidae 87, f. 125-129 (Dm) Typhochrestus ikarianus
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