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Wishart, G. (2011). Trapdoor spiders of the genus Misgolas (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae) in the Illawarra amd south coast regions of New South Wales, Australia. Records of the Australian Museum 63: 33-51. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arbanitis dereki Idiopidae 35, f. 1A-M (m) Misgolas dereki
Arbanitis gwennethae Idiopidae 36, f. 3A-I (Dmf) Misgolas gwennethae
Arbanitis horsemanae Idiopidae 48, f. 12A-K (Dm) Misgolas horsemanae
Arbanitis kampenae Idiopidae 42, f. 7A-H (Dm) Misgolas kampenae
Arbanitis kirstiae Idiopidae 36, f. 2A-F (m) Misgolas kirstiae
Arbanitis montanus Idiopidae 49, f. 13A-C (removed mf from S of M. rapax Karsch, 1878, contra Main, 1977a: 71, sub Dyarcyops fuscipes) Misgolas montanus
Arbanitis paulaskewi Idiopidae 43, f. 8A-I (Dm) Misgolas paulaskewi
Arbanitis phippsi Idiopidae 40, f. 6A-G (Dm) Misgolas phippsi
Arbanitis rapax Idiopidae 38, f. 4A-K (m) Misgolas rapax
Arbanitis robertsi Idiopidae 39, f. 5A-F (m) Misgolas robertsi
Arbanitis rowelli Idiopidae 44, f. 9A-H (Dm) Misgolas rowelli
Arbanitis shawi Idiopidae 47, f. 11A-G (Dm) Misgolas shawi
Arbanitis tannerae Idiopidae 45, f. 10A-I (Dmf) Misgolas tannerae
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