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Zakharov, B. P. & Ovtcharenko, V. I. (2011). Morphological organization of the male palpal organ in Australian ground spiders of the genera Anzacia, Intruda, Zelanda, and Encoptarthria (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Journal of Arachnology 39: 327-336. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anzacia gemmea Gnaphosidae 330, f. 3a-b (m) Anzacia gemmea
Drassodes lapidosus Gnaphosidae 330, f. 1 (m) Drassodes lapidosus
Encoptarthria echemophthalma Gnaphosidae 327, f. 5a-b (Tf from Megamyrmecion, S, f. m) Encoptarthria echemophthalma
Encoptarthria grisea Gnaphosidae 328, f. 6a-b (Tmf from Megamyrmecion) Encoptarthria grisea
Encoptarthria penicillata Gnaphosidae 328, f. 7a-b (Tmf from Megamyrmecion) Encoptarthria penicillata
Encoptarthria perpusilla Gnaphosidae 328 (Tf from Megamyrmecion) Encoptarthria perpusilla
Encoptarthria vestigator Gnaphosidae 328 (Tf from Megamyrmecion) Encoptarthria vestigator
Intruda signata Gnaphosidae 330, f. 2a-b (m) Intruda signata
Zelanda erebus Gnaphosidae 331, f. 4a-c (m) Zelanda erebus
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