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Azarkina, G. N. & Trilikauskas, L. A. (2012). Spider fauna (Aranei) of the Russian Altai, part I: families Agelenidae, Araneidae, Clubionidae, Corinnidae, Dictynidae and Eresidae. Euroasian Entomological Journal 11(3): 199-208, 212, pl. I. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Eresus bifasciatus Eresidae 205, f. 5-8, pl. I, f. 6 (elevated m to species) Eresus bifasciatus
Eresus kollari Eresidae 207, f. 9-12, pl. I, f. 7 (m) Eresus cinnaberinus
Mastigusa macrophthalma Hahniidae 205, f. 2-4 (f) Mastigusa macrophthalma
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