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Bayer, S. (2012). The lace-sheet-weavers--a long story (Araneae: Psechridae: Psechrus). Zootaxa 3379: 1-170. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Psechrus aluco Psechridae 33, f. 13a-c, 87f, 90f (Df) Psechrus aluco
Psechrus ancoralis Psechridae 47, f. 1a-c, 21a-g, 22a-d, 81a, 82m, 83a, 85a, 88a, 91a (mf) Psechrus ancoralis
Psechrus annulatus Psechridae 32, f. 12a-d, 81f, 82i, 87e, 90e (removed f from synonymy of P. singaporensis, contra Levi, 1982: 125) Psechrus annulatus
Psechrus antraeus Psechridae 56, f. 27a-g, 82h, o, 85d, 88d, 91d (mf) Psechrus antraeus
Psechrus arcuatus Psechridae 45, f. 20a-c, 87k, 90k (Df) Psechrus arcuatus
Psechrus argentatus Psechridae 15, f. 2a-i, 3a-i, 4a-h, 84a, 87a, 90a (mf) Psechrus argentatus
Psechrus borneo Psechridae 27, f. 9a-c, 87d, 90d (f) Psechrus borneo
Psechrus cebu Psechridae 143, f. 79a-d, 80a-f, 86l, 89l, 92l (mf) Psechrus cebu
Psechrus clavis Psechridae 119, f. 66a-e, 67a-j, 86f, 89h, 92h (Dmf) Psechrus clavis
Psechrus crepido Psechridae 137, f. 76a-d, 77a-h, 83g, 86j, 89k, 92k (Dmf) Psechrus crepido
Psechrus decollatus Psechridae 34, f. 14a-h, 84g, 87g, 90g (Dmf) Psechrus decollatus
Psechrus demiror Psechridae 87, f. 46a-d, 47a-c, 85m, 88l, 91l (Dmf) Psechrus demiror
Psechrus elachys Psechridae 41, f. 17a-g, 82f, 83d, 84i, 87i, 90i (Dmf) Psechrus elachys
Psechrus fuscai Psechridae 109, f. 59a-c, 82d, 89e, 92e (Df) Psechrus fuscai
Psechrus ghecuanus Psechridae 75, f. 37a-g, 38a-f, 39a-h, 40a-d, 82e, 85j, 88k, 91k (mf) Psechrus ghecuanus
Psechrus hartmanni Psechridae 129, f. 71a-e, 72a-d, 81b, 82j, p, 83f, 86h, 89n, 92n (Dmf) Psechrus hartmanni
Psechrus himalayanus Psechridae 64, f. 31a-d, 32a-k, 82l, 85g, 88h, 91h (mf) Psechrus himalayanus
Psechrus inflatus Psechridae 72, f. 35a-d, 36a-f, 85i, 88g, 91g (Dmf) Psechrus inflatus
Psechrus jaegeri Psechridae 90, f. 48a-d, 49a-g, 50f, 81g, 83c, 85n, 88n, 91n (Dmf) Psechrus jaegeri
Psechrus jinggangensis Psechridae 112, f. 61a-b (f) Psechrus jinggangensis
Psechrus kenting Psechridae 117, f. 64a-e, 82c, 89i, 92i (f) Psechrus kenting
Psechrus khammouan Psechridae 59, f. 28a-d, 29a-e, 82b, 85e, 88e, 91e (mf) Psechrus khammouan
Psechrus kinabalu Psechridae 30, f. 11a-d, 83e, 84d (m) Psechrus kinabalu
Psechrus kunmingensis Psechridae 110, f. 60a-g, 81i, 86m-o, 89f, 92f (mf) Psechrus kunmingensis
Psechrus laos Psechridae 53, f. 25a-f, 26a-d, 85c, 88c, 91c (Dmf) Psechrus laos
Psechrus libelti Psechridae 21, f. 5a-e, 6a-e, 82a, 84b-c, 87b, 90b (removed mf from synonymy of P. singaporensis, contra Levi, 1982: 125) Psechrus libelti
Psechrus luangprabang Psechridae 83, f. 43a-d, 44a-e, 45a-e, 81d, 83b, 85l, 88m, 91m, 93a (mf) Psechrus luangprabang
Psechrus marsyandi Psechridae 68, f. 33a-d, 34a-i, 81h, 82r, 85h, 88i, 91i (mf) Psechrus marsyandi
Psechrus mulu Psechridae 24, f. 7a-f, 8a-h, 82n, 84e, 87c, 90c (mf) Psechrus mulu
Psechrus norops Psechridae 44, f. 19a-c, 87j, 90j (Df) Psechrus norops
Psechrus obtectus Psechridae 105, f. 57a-d, 58a-g, 86d, 89d, 92d (Dmf) Psechrus obtectus
Psechrus pakawini Psechridae 80, f. 41a-h, 42a-e, 85k, 88j, 91j (Dmf) Psechrus pakawini
Psechrus rani Psechridae 50, f. 23a-d, 24a-e, 85b, 88b, 91b (mf) Psechrus rani
Psechrus schwendingeri Psechridae 141, f. 78a-f, 86k (Dm) Psechrus schwendingeri
Psechrus senoculatus Psechridae 113, f. 62a-d, 63a-g, 82q, 86e, 89g, 92g, 93b (mf) Psechrus senoculatus
Psechrus sinensis Psechridae 97, f. 52a-d, 53a-d, 86a, 89a, 92a (mf) Psechrus sinensis
Psechrus singaporensis Psechridae 37, f. 15a-i, 16a-f, 81e, 84h, 87h, 90h (mf) Psechrus singaporensis
Psechrus steineri Psechridae 62, f. 30a-g, 85f, 88f, 91f (mf) Psechrus steineri
Psechrus taiwanensis Psechridae 118, f. 65a-c, 89j, 92j (f) Psechrus taiwanensis
Psechrus tauricornis Psechridae 135, f. 75a-g, 81j, 82g, k, 89p, 92p (Df) Psechrus tauricornis
Psechrus tingpingensis Psechridae 102, f. 55a-g, 56a-f, 86c, 89c, 92c (f, Sm) Psechrus tingpingensis
Psechrus torvus Psechridae 127, f. 69a-g, 70a-d, 86g, 89m, 92m (mf) Psechrus torvus
Psechrus triangulus Psechridae 100, f. 54a-g, 86b, 89b, 92b (mf) Psechrus triangulus
Psechrus ulcus Psechridae 28, f. 10a-e, 84f (Dm) Psechrus ulcus
Psechrus vivax Psechridae 94, f. 50a-e, 51a-g, 85o, 88o, 91o (Dmf) Psechrus vivax
Psechrus zygon Psechridae 132, f. 73a-e, 74a-d, 86i, 89o, 92o (Df) Psechrus zygon
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