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Coddington, J. A., Kuntner, M. & Opell, B. D. (2012). Systematics of the spider family Deinopidae with a revision of the genus Menneus. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 636: 1-61. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Deinopis cylindrica Deinopidae 36, f. 10a-k (mf) Deinopis cylindrica
Deinopis lamia Deinopidae 35, f. 9A-F (f) Deinopis lamia
Deinopis spinosa Deinopidae 30, f. 4a-d, 5a-f, 6a-f, 7a-f, 11a-m (mf) Deinopis spinosa
Menneus angulatus Deinopidae 26 (nomen dubium) Avella angulata
Menneus aussie Deinopidae 19, f. 2C, E, 16A-C, 25A-L (Dmf) Menneus aussie
Menneus bituberculatus Deinopidae 20, f. 26A-G (Df) Menneus bituberculatus
Menneus camelus Deinopidae 14, f. 1D, 2A-C, E, 4E, 14A-C, 18A-K, 19A-F (mf) Menneus camelus
Menneus capensis Deinopidae 15, f. 1A-C, 14D-F, 20A-L (mf) Menneus capensis
Menneus darwini Deinopidae 16, f. 14G-I, 21A-D (Dm) Menneus darwini
Menneus despiciens Deinopidae 26 (nomen dubium) Avella despiciens
Menneus dromedarius Deinopidae 17, f. 15A-C, 22A-L (removed f from S of M. camelus, contra Lehtinen, 1967: 247, Dm) Menneus dromedarius
Menneus nemesio Deinopidae 22, f. 16D-F, 27A-M (Dmf) Menneus nemesio
Menneus neocaledonicus Deinopidae 22, f. 16G-I, 28A-M (m, Df) Menneus neocaledonicus
Menneus quasimodo Deinopidae 23, f. 29A-G (Df) Menneus quasimodo
Menneus samperi Deinopidae 18, f. 15D-F, 23A-K (Dmf) Menneus samperi
Menneus superciliosus Deinopidae 20, f. 17A-C, 30A-L (f, Dm) Menneus superciliosus
Menneus tetragnathoides Deinopidae 18, f. 15G-I, 24A-F (m, S) Menneus tetragnathoides
Menneus trinodosus Deinopidae 24, f. 17D-F, 31A-M (f, Sm) Menneus trinodosus
Menneus unifasciatus Deinopidae 26 (nomen dubium) Avella unifasciata
Menneus wa Deinopidae 25, f. 17G-I, 32A-K (Dmf) Menneus wa
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