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Dankittipakul, P. & Beccaloni, J. (2012). Validation and new synonymies proposed for Cheiracanthium species from South and Southeast Asia (Araneae, Clubionidae). Zootaxa 3510: 77-86. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3510.1.5 download pdf


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Cheiracanthium insigne Cheiracanthiidae 78, f. 1, 3-7 (mf, S of Eutittha gracilipes) Cheiracanthium insigne
Cheiracanthium rupicola Cheiracanthiidae 82, f. 14 (f, S of C. gyirongense) Cheiracanthium rupicolum
Cheiracanthium triviale Cheiracanthiidae 83, f. 16 (f) Cheiracanthium triviale
Cheiracanthium truncatum Cheiracanthiidae 81, f. 10, 12 (f) Cheiracanthium truncatum
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