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Dankittipakul, P., Tavano, M. L. & Singtripop, T. (2012). Seventeen new species of the spider genus Teutamus Thorell, 1890 from Southeast Asia (Araneae: Liocranidae). Journal of Natural History 46(27-28): 1689-1730. doi:10.1080/00222933.2012.681314 download pdf


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Teutamus andrewdavisi Liocranidae 1718, f. 14B (m) Teutamus andrewdavisi
Teutamus apiculatus Liocranidae 1705, f. 3D, F, 8A-F (Dmf) Teutamus apiculatus
Teutamus brachiatus Liocranidae 1703, f. 1E, 2F, 7A-F (Dmf) Teutamus brachiatus
Teutamus calceolatus Liocranidae 1709, f. 10A-E (Dmf) Teutamus calceolatus
Teutamus deelemanae Liocranidae 1725, f. 16C-D (Df) Teutamus deelemanae
Teutamus fertilis Liocranidae 1697, f. 4F (m) Teutamus fertilis
Teutamus globularis Liocranidae 1713, f. 3C, 12A-F (Dmf) Teutamus globularis
Teutamus hirtellus Liocranidae 1718, f. 2H, 14A (Dm) Teutamus hirtellus
Teutamus jambiensis Liocranidae 1718, f. 2B, 3B, 14C (m) Teutamus jambiensis
Teutamus leptothecus Liocranidae 1723, f. 3H, 16A-B (Df) Teutamus leptothecus
Teutamus lioneli Liocranidae 1707, f. 1F, 2G, 9A-E (Dmf) Teutamus lioneli
Teutamus orthogonus Liocranidae 1711, f. 1A, 2A, 3E, 11A-E (Dmf) Teutamus orthogonus
Teutamus poggii Liocranidae 1722, f. 15E-F (Df) Teutamus poggii
Teutamus politus Liocranidae 1696, p. 2D-E, I, 4A-E (mf) Teutamus politus
Teutamus rama Liocranidae 1699, f. 1C, 5A-G (Dmf) Teutamus rama
Teutamus rollardae Liocranidae 1721, f. 15C-D (Df) Teutamus rollardae
Teutamus seculatus Liocranidae 1715, f. 1D, 13A-E (Dmf) Teutamus seculatus
Teutamus serrulatus Liocranidae 1701, f. 3A-B, G, 6A-F (Dmf) Teutamus serrulatus
Teutamus spiralis Liocranidae 1726, f. 17A-B (Df) Teutamus spiralis
Teutamus sumatranus Liocranidae 1727, f. 17C-D (Df) Teutamus sumatranus
Teutamus tortuosus Liocranidae 1719, f. 15A-B (Df) Teutamus tortuosus
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