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Lotz, L. N. (2012). Present status of Sicariidae (Arachnida: Araneae) in the Afrotropical region. Zootaxa 3522: 1-41. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3522.1.1 download pdf


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Hexophthalma albospinosa Sicariidae 3, f. 2A, 3A, 4A (f. Dm) Sicarius albospinosus
Hexophthalma damarensis Sicariidae 4, f. 2B, 3B, 4B (f, Dm) Sicarius damarensis
Hexophthalma dolichocephala Sicariidae 8, f. 2B, 4C (f) Sicarius dolichocephalus
Hexophthalma hahni Sicariidae 8, f. 2C, 3C, 4D (mf) Sicarius hahni
Hexophthalma hahni Sicariidae 12, f. 2E, 3E, 4F (f, Dm) Sicarius testaceus
Hexophthalma spatulata Sicariidae 10, f. 2D, 3D, 4E (mf) Sicarius spatulatus
Izithunzi capense Drymusidae 37, f. 18A-B (Tmf from Loxosceles, after Brignoli, 1976) Drymusa valida
Loxosceles bergeri Sicariidae 15, f. 9A, 10A (removed f from S of L. spinulosa, contra Newlands, 1975: 144, Dm) Loxosceles bergeri
Loxosceles fontainei Sicariidae 17, f. 9B (m) Loxosceles fontainei
Loxosceles foutadjalloni Sicariidae 17, f. 9C, 10B (mf) Loxosceles foutadjalloni
Loxosceles lacroixi Sicariidae 19, f. 10C (f) Loxosceles lacroixi
Loxosceles meruensis Sicariidae 22, f. 9D, 10D (f, Dm) Loxosceles meruensis
Loxosceles neuvillei Sicariidae 22, f. 10D (f) Loxosceles neuvillei
Loxosceles parramae Sicariidae 26, f. 9E, 10E (mf) Loxosceles parramae
Loxosceles pilosa Sicariidae 27, f. 9F, 10F (removed f from S of L. spinulosa, contra Newlands, 1975: 144, Dm) Loxosceles pilosa
Loxosceles rufescens Sicariidae 29, f. 9G, 10G (mf) Loxosceles rufescens
Loxosceles rufipes Sicariidae 30, f. 9H, 10H (mf) Loxosceles rufipes
Loxosceles simillima Sicariidae 31, f. 9I, 10I (mfremoved f from S of Loxosceles spinulosa, S of L. spiniceps contra Newlands, 1975: 144) Loxosceles simillima
Loxosceles smithi Sicariidae 32, f. 9J (m) Loxosceles smithi
Loxosceles speluncarum Sicariidae 32, f. 9K, 10J (mf) Loxosceles speluncarum
Loxosceles spinulosa Sicariidae 34, f. 9L, 10K (mf) Loxosceles spinulosa
Loxosceles vonwredei Sicariidae 36, f. 9M, 10L (mf) Loxosceles vonwredei
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