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Banks, N. (1901d). Some spiders and other Arachnida from Porto Rico. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 24: 217-227. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anasaitis banksi Salticidae 225, pl. 15, f. 1, 4, 6 (Dmf; N.B.: preoccupied by Keyserling, 1883) Prostheclina signata
Arctosa aussereri Lycosidae 223 Lycosa aussereri
Arctosa fusca Lycosidae 223 Lycosa fusca
Hentzia vernalis Salticidae 224 Wala vernalis
Olios antiguensis Sparassidae 223 Olios antiguensis
Pardosa portoricensis Lycosidae 224, pl. 15, f. 2-3 (Df) Pardosa portoricensis
Phormictopus cancerides Theraphosidae 218 Schizopelma erichsoni
No genus found for this reference