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Moradmand, M. & J├Ąger, P. (2012a). Taxonomic revision of the huntsman spider genus Eusparassus Simon, 1903 (Araneae: Sparassidae) in Eurasia. Journal of Natural History 46(39-40): 2439-2496. doi:10.1080/00222933.2012.707249 download pdf


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Eusparassus doriae Sparassidae 2462, f. 9A-E, 10A-D (removed mf from S of E. walckenaeri) Eusparassus doriae
Eusparassus dufouri Sparassidae 2445, f. 2A-E, 3A-C, 23 (mf) Eusparassus dufouri
Eusparassus fuscimanus Sparassidae 2468, f. 12A-D, 13A-F, 14A-E (mf) Eusparassus fuscimanus
Eusparassus kronebergi Sparassidae 2466, f. 11A-G (removed mf from S of S. walckenaeri, contra Levy, 1989: 132) Eusparassus kronebergi
Eusparassus levantinus Sparassidae 2450, f. 4A-G, 23D (mf) Eusparassus levantinus
Eusparassus maynardi Sparassidae 2485, f. 21A-E (f, removed from S of E. xerxes) Eusparassus maynardi
Eusparassus mesopotamicus Sparassidae 2459, f. 7A-E, 8A-E (Dmf) Eusparassus mesopotamicus
Eusparassus oculatus Sparassidae 2473, f. 15A-E, 16A-E (mf) Eusparassus oculatus
Eusparassus pearsoni Sparassidae 2488, f. 22A-E (removed f from S of E. xerxes) Eusparassus pearsoni
Eusparassus pontii Sparassidae 2479, f. 18A-E (f) Eusparassus pontii
Eusparassus potanini Sparassidae 2476, f. 17A-G (m, Sf) Eusparassus potanini
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 2453, f. 1B, 5A-G, 6A-G, 23A (mf) Eusparassus walckenaeri
Eusparassus xerxes Sparassidae 2481, f. 19A-F, 20A-D, 23D (Tmf from Olios) Eusparassus xerxes
Olios flavovittatus Sparassidae 2492 (Tj from Eusparassus) Olios flavovittatus
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