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Rix, M. G. & Harvey, M. S. (2012a). Australian assassins, part II: A review of the new assassin spider genus Zephyrarchaea (Araneae, Archaeidae) from southern Australia. ZooKeys 191: 1-62. doi:10.3897/zookeys.191.3070 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Austrarchaea helenae Archaeidae 36, f. 4C (m) Austrarchaea helenae
Austrarchaea hickmani Archaeidae 22 (nomen dubium) Austrarchaea hickmani
Zephyrarchaea austini Archaeidae 29, f. 9D, 19C-D (Df) Zephyrarchaea austini
Zephyrarchaea barrettae Archaeidae 20, f. 1B, 8F, 9I, 15A-G (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea barrettae
Zephyrarchaea grayi Archaeidae 28, f. 9C, 19A-B (Df) Zephyrarchaea grayi
Zephyrarchaea janineae Archaeidae 14, f. 1C, 8I, 9F, 11A-G (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea janineae
Zephyrarchaea mainae Archaeidae 11, f. 1E-F, 5A-B, E, 6A, C-D, F, 8G, 9E, 10A-G (Tmf from Austrarchaea) Zephyrarchaea mainae
Zephyrarchaea marae Archaeidae 25, f. 4D, 5C-D, F-G, 6B, E, 8A, C, 9B, 17A-G (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea marae
Zephyrarchaea marki Archaeidae 16, f. 1D, 4B, 8H, 12A-E (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea marki
Zephyrarchaea melindae Archaeidae 19, f. 8E, 9H, 14A-G (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea melindae
Zephyrarchaea porchi Archaeidae 27, f. 8D, 18A-E (Dm) Zephyrarchaea porchi
Zephyrarchaea robinsi Archaeidae 18, f. 9G, 13A-D (Tf from Austrarchaea) Zephyrarchaea robinsi
Zephyrarchaea vichickmani Archaeidae 23, f. 1A, 8B, 9A, 16A-G (Dmf) Zephyrarchaea vichickmani
Genus Family Page
Zephyrarchaea Rix & Harvey, 2012 Archaeidae 6