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Hogg, H. R. (1901). On Australian and New Zealand spiders of the suborder Mygalomorphae. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 71(1): 218-279. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7998.1901.tb08176.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arbanitis longipes Idiopidae 236, f. 24c Arbanitis longipes
Atrax robustus Atracidae 273, f. 39 (Df) Atrax robustus
Cantuaria dendyi Idiopidae 237, f. 25 (Df) Maoriana dendyi
Cantuaria gilliesi Idiopidae 233, f. 24a-b (f) Arbanitis gilliesi
Cethegus broomi Dipluridae 270, f. 38 (Df) Stenygrocercus broomi
Chenistonia maculata Nemesiidae 262, f. 35 (Dmf) Chenistonia maculata
Hadronyche meridiana Atracidae 274, f. 40 (m, misidentified) Hadronyche cerberea
Hexathele hochstetteri Hexathelidae 276, f. 41 (f, Dm) Hexathele hochstetteri
Idiommata fusca Barychelidae 241 Encyocrypta fusca
Ixamatus broomi Nemesiidae 260, f. 34 (Dm) Ixamatus broomi
Missulena granulosa Actinopodidae 222 (Df) Eriodon granulosa
Missulena granulosa Actinopodidae 224, f. 22 (m) Eriodon incerta
Missulena insignis Actinopodidae 223, f. 21a-b (m) Eriodon insignis
Missulena occatoria Actinopodidae 222 (Df) Eriodon formidabilis
Missulena occatoria Actinopodidae 223, f. 21c (m) Eriodon rugosa
Missulena occatoria Actinopodidae 226, f. 23 (m) Eriodon rubrocapitata
Moruga fuliginea Barychelidae 241 Encyocrypta fuliginata
Nihoa aussereri Barychelidae 241 Encyocrypta aussereri
Ozicrypta palmarum Barychelidae 242, f. 26 (Df) Idioctis palmarum
Porrhothele antipodiana Porrhothelidae 236 Arbanitis kirkii
Porrhothele antipodiana Porrhothelidae 269, f. 37 (Df) Porrhothele simoni
Selenocosmia crassipes Theraphosidae 246, f. 28 (Dm) Selenocosmia vulpina
Selenocosmia stirlingi Theraphosidae 245, f. 27 (Dmf) Selenocosmia stirlingi
Selenotypus plumipes Theraphosidae 249, f. 29 Selenotypus plumipes
Stanwellia grisea Nemesiidae 252, f. 30 (Df) Aname grisea
Stanwellia grisea Nemesiidae 254, f. 31 (Df) Aname arborea
Stanwellia grisea Nemesiidae 255, f. 32 (Df) Aname pellucida
Stanwellia grisea Nemesiidae 258, f. 33 (Dm) Ixamatus gregorii
Stanwellia grisea Nemesiidae 263, f. 36 (Df) Chenistonia major
Taurongia punctata Desidae 279 (generic replacement name) Taurongia punctata
Taurongia punctata Desidae 279 Taurongia divergens
Genus Family Page
Chenistonia Hogg, 1901 Nemesiidae 261
Taurongia Hogg, 1901 Desidae ?