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WesoĊ‚owska, W. (2012b). Redescriptions of some salticid species (Araneae: Salticidae) from South Africa and Zimbabwe described by G. and E. Peckham. African Entomology 20: 325-342. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Euophrys purcelli Salticidae 325, f. 1-5, 56-57 (m, Df) Euophrys purcelli
Euophrys uphami Salticidae 326, f. 6-8 (Tm from Sitticus) Euophrys uphami
Habrocestum luculentum Salticidae 327, f. 9-14 (m) Habrocestum luculentum
Heliophanus infaustus Salticidae 328 (Tf from Euophrys, Sm) Heliophanus infaustus
Mogrus woodi Salticidae 329, f. 15-17 (Tm from Baryphas) Mogrus woodi
Parajotus obscurofemoratus Salticidae 330, f. 18-23 (m) Parajotus obscurofemoratus
Phintella aequipes Salticidae 332 (S) Phintella aequipes
Phintella australis Salticidae 332, f. 24-29 (Tmf from Cosmophasis) Phintella australis
Phlegra imperiosa Salticidae 332, f. 30-33 (f) Phlegra imperiosa
Rhene banksi Salticidae 333, f. 34-36 (m) Rhene banksi
Rhene biguttata Salticidae 335, f. 37-39 (m) Rhene biguttata
Thyene aperta Salticidae 336, f. 40-44 (m) Thyene aperta
Thyenula juvenca Salticidae 337, f. 45-49, 58 (mf, S) Thyenula juvenca
Thyenula leighi Salticidae 339, f. 50-55, 59-60 (Tm from Saitis, Df) Thyenula leighi
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