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Wunderlich, J. (2012b). Few rare and a new species of spiders (Araneae) from Portugal, with resurrection of the genus Chiracanthops Mello-Leitao 1942 (Clubionidae: Eutichurinae). Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 8: 183-191. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cheiracanthium algarvense Cheiracanthiidae 184, f. 1-3 (Dm) Cheiracanthium algarvense
Cheiracanthium erraticum Cheiracanthiidae 185, f. 4 (f) Cheiracanthium erraticum
Cheiracanthium inclusum Cheiracanthiidae 186, f. 5-6 (mf) Chiracanthops inclusum
Cheiracanthium mildei Cheiracanthiidae 186, f. 7 (f) Chiracanthops mildei
Poecilochroa poonaensis Gnaphosidae 187, f. 8-11 (Dm) Macarophaeus sabulum
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