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Żabka, M. & Waldock, J. (2012). Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions. Genus Cosmophasis Simon, 1901. Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 62(1): 115-198. doi:10.3161/000345412X633694 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cosmophasis baehrae Salticidae 127, f. 32A-F, 33A-E, 34A-D, 35A-F, 60D (Dmf) Cosmophasis baehrae
Cosmophasis banika Salticidae 126, f. 27A-E (Df) Cosmophasis banika
Cosmophasis bitaeniata Salticidae 122, f. 10A-F, 11A-G, 12A-G, 13A-H, 14A-D (mf) Cosmophasis bitaeniata
Cosmophasis colemani Salticidae 132, f. 49A-H (Df) Cosmophasis colemani
Cosmophasis courti Salticidae 132, f. 52A-H, 53A-D (Dmf) Cosmophasis courti
Cosmophasis darwini Salticidae 133, f. 54A-G (Dm) Cosmophasis darwini
Cosmophasis harveyi Salticidae 123, f. 15A-F, 16A-B (Dm) Cosmophasis harveyi
Cosmophasis hortoni Salticidae 124, f. 20A-F, 21A-B (Dm) Cosmophasis hortoni
Cosmophasis humphreysi Salticidae 132, f. 50A-F, 51A-B (Df) Cosmophasis humphreysi
Cosmophasis kairiru Salticidae 126, f. 28A-E (Df) Cosmophasis kairiru
Cosmophasis kohi Salticidae 124, f. 22A-G (Dm) Cosmophasis kohi
Cosmophasis lami Salticidae 123, f. 17A-F, 18A-D, 19A-F (m, Df) Cosmophasis lami
Cosmophasis lungga Salticidae 126, f. 29A-F (Df) Cosmophasis lungga
Cosmophasis micarioides Salticidae 130, f. 39A-I, 40A-C, 41A-I, 42A-G, 43A-G, 44A-F, 45A-G, 46A-E, 47A-B, 48A-D (mf) Cosmophasis micarioides
Cosmophasis motmot Salticidae 125, f. 25A-E, 26A-B (Df) Cosmophasis motmot
Cosmophasis obscura Salticidae 120, f. 5A-H, 6A-B (f) Cosmophasis obscura
Cosmophasis ombria Salticidae 129, f. 36A-H, 37A-G, 38A-B (mf, removed from S of Cosmophasis viridifasciata, rejecting Merian, 1911: 307, S of Cosmophasis marxi) Cosmophasis ombria
Cosmophasis panjangensis Salticidae 121, f. 8A-E, 9A-B (Dm) Cosmophasis panjangensis
Cosmophasis rakata Salticidae 134, f. 57A-H, 58A-D, 59A-H (Dmf) Cosmophasis rakata
Cosmophasis sertungensis Salticidae 120, f. 7A-G (Df) Cosmophasis sertungensis
Cosmophasis tavurvur Salticidae 125, f. 23A-E, 24A-B (Df) Cosmophasis tavurvur
Cosmophasis thalassina Salticidae 118, f. 1A-E, 2A-F. 3A-G, 4A-F, 60A-B (mf) Cosmophasis thalassina
Cosmophasis tristriatus Salticidae 127, f. 30A-E, 31A-B (removed m from S of C. thalassina, Sf) Cosmophasis tristriatus
Cosmophasis trobriand Salticidae 133, f. 55A-H, 56A-D (Dmf) Cosmophasis trobriand
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