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Dankittipakul, P. & Deeleman-Reinhold, C. (2013). Delimitation of the spider genus Sesieutes Simon, 1897, with descriptions of five new species from south east Asia (Araneae: Corinnidae). Journal of Natural History 47(3-4): 167-195. doi:10.1080/00222933.2012.742165 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Sesieutes aberrans Liocranidae 189, f. 1K, 3I, 9A-C (Dm) Sesieutes aberrans
Sesieutes abruptus Liocranidae 182, f. 1E-F, 3E-F, 6A-F (Dmf) Sesieutes abruptus
Sesieutes apiculatus Liocranidae 186, f. 1I-J, 3C, 8A-E, 10F (Dmf) Sesieutes apiculatus
Sesieutes bifidus Liocranidae 184, f. 1G-H, 7A-E, 10G (Dmf) Sesieutes bifidus
Sesieutes borneensis Liocranidae 191, f. 1N, 3B, 10H (mf) Sesieutes borneensis
Sesieutes bulbosus Liocranidae 176, f. 3A, 10D (mf) Sesieutes bulbosus
Sesieutes emancipatus Liocranidae 177, f. 3K, 10E (mf) Sesieutes emancipatus
Sesieutes lucens Liocranidae 178, f. 1A-B, 2A-B, 3D, 4A-E, 10I (m, Df) Sesieutes lucens
Sesieutes minor Liocranidae 177, f. 10A (f) Sesieutes minor
Sesieutes minuatus Liocranidae 180, f. 1C-D, 2C, 3L, 5A-F (Dmf) Sesieutes minuatus
Sesieutes nitens Liocranidae 193, f. 3J, 10C (mf) Sesieutes nitens
Sesieutes scrobiculatus Liocranidae 192, f. 3G-H, 10B (mf) Sesieutes scrobiculatus
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