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Dankittipakul, P., Tavano, M. L. & Singtripop, T. (2013). Revision of the spider genus Jacaena Thorell, 1897, with descriptions of four new species from Thailand (Araneae: Corinnidae). Journal of Natural History 47(23-24): 1539-1567. doi:10.1080/00222933.2012.763059 download pdf


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Jacaena angoonae Liocranidae 1562, f. 2D, 7E, 8E, 14A-C (Df) Jacaena angoonae
Jacaena distincta Liocranidae 1549, f. 15C-E (f) Jacaena distincta
Jacaena erawan Liocranidae 1552, f. 1E, 5A-C, 11A-D (Tm from Sesieutes) Jacaena erawan
Jacaena lunulata Liocranidae 1556, f. 1B, H, 2B-C, 3A-C, E, 4D-F, 6A-C, 7C, 8G, 9D-E, 12A-E (Dmf) Jacaena lunulata
Jacaena mihun Liocranidae 1551, f. 1D, 2G, 3D, 4G-I, 6F, 7D, 8A-D, 10A-C (mf) Jacaena mihun
Jacaena peculiaris Liocranidae 1565, f. 2H, 6D, 7F, 14D-E (Df) Jacaena peculiaris
Jacaena punctata Liocranidae 1559, f. 1C, 2E-F, 5D-F, 6E, 7B, 13A-E (Dmf) Jacaena punctata
Jacaena schwendingeri Liocranidae 1553, f. 1A, G, 2A, 4A-C, 7A, 8F, 9A-C (Tmf from Sesieutes) Jacaena schwendingeri
Jacaena thakek Liocranidae 1553, f. 1F, 5G-I, 10D-F (Tm from Sesieutes) Jacaena thakek
Jacaena zhui Liocranidae 1556 (Tmf from Sesieutes) Jacaena zhui
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