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Moradmand, M. (2013). The stone huntsman spider genus Eusparassus (Araneae: Sparassidae): systematics and zoogeography with revision of the African and Arabian species. Zootaxa 3675: 1-108. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3675.1.1 download pdf


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Eusparassus arabicus Sparassidae 19, f. 7a-e, 8a-c, 47d-e, 59e-f (Dmf) Eusparassus arabicus
Eusparassus atlanticus Sparassidae 24, f. 12a-c, 13a-e, 14a-b, 49a-b, 60e-f (f, Dm, elevated from subspecies of E. dufouri) Eusparassus atlanticus
Eusparassus barbarus Sparassidae 31, f. 15a-e, 16a-c, 51a-b, 61a-b (mf) Eusparassus barbarus
Eusparassus borakalalo Sparassidae 58, f. 34a-e, 55c, 64g (Df) Eusparassus borakalalo
Eusparassus doriae Sparassidae 69, f. 58a-b, 67a-b (mf) Eusparassus doriae
Eusparassus dufouri Sparassidae 24, f. 11a-e, 60a-b (mf) Eusparassus dufouri
Eusparassus educatus Sparassidae 66, f. 40a-e, 41a-d, 56a, 65c-d (Dmf) Eusparassus educatus
Eusparassus fritschi Sparassidae 36, f. 20a-c, 21a-e, 49c-d, 61c-d (removed f from S of E. oraniensis, Dm) Eusparassus fritschi
Eusparassus fuscimanus Sparassidae 69, f. 58d, 67c-d (mf) Eusparassus fuscimanus
Eusparassus jaegeri Sparassidae 50, f. 29a-e, 30a-d, 54a, 64a, d (Dmf) Eusparassus jaegeri
Eusparassus jocquei Sparassidae 58, f. 35a-e, 36a-c, 55a-b, 64c, f (Dmf) Eusparassus jocquei
Eusparassus kronebergi Sparassidae 69, f. 67e-f (mf) Eusparassus kronebergi
Eusparassus laevatus Sparassidae 16, f. 4a-c, 5a-e, 6a-d, 47a-c, 59c-d (Tf from Olios, Dm) Eusparassus laevatus
Eusparassus letourneuxi Sparassidae 39, f. 22a-c, 23a-f, 49e-f, 61e-f (mf) Eusparassus letourneuxi
Eusparassus levantinus Sparassidae 24, f. 48c-f, 60c-d (mf) Eusparassus levantinus
Eusparassus maynardi Sparassidae 69, f. 58c, 66f (f) Eusparassus maynardi
Eusparassus mesopotamicus Sparassidae 69, f. 68a-b (mf) Eusparassus mesopotamicus
Eusparassus oculatus Sparassidae 69, f. 58e-f, 68c-d (mf) Eusparassus oculatus
Eusparassus oraniensis Sparassidae 32, f. 17a-c, 18a-e, 19a-b, 50a-c, 62a-b (mf, S of Eusparassus argelasius maximus) Eusparassus oraniensis
Eusparassus pearsoni Sparassidae 44, f. 52e-f, 63e-f (f) Eusparassus pearsoni
Eusparassus perezi Sparassidae 70, f. 42a-e, 43a-d, 57a-c, 66a-b, e (Dmf) Cercetius perezi
Eusparassus pontii Sparassidae 69, f. 56e-f, 66g (f) Eusparassus pontii
Eusparassus potanini Sparassidae 69, f. 68e-f (mf) Eusparassus potanini
Eusparassus reverentia Sparassidae 47, f. 27a-e, 28a-d, 53a-c, 63c-d (Dmf) Eusparassus reverentia
Eusparassus schoemanae Sparassidae 53, f. 31a-e, 32a-c, 33a-b, 54b-c, 64b, e (Dmf) Eusparassus schoemanae
Eusparassus syrticus Sparassidae 42, f. 24a-e, 51c-d, 62c (f) Eusparassus syrticus
Eusparassus tuckeri Sparassidae 61, f. 37a-e, 38a-c, 39a-c, 56b, 65a-b (Tm from Olios, Sf) Eusparassus tuckeri
Eusparassus vestigator Sparassidae 44, f. 25a-e, 26a-d, 52a-d, 63a-b (Tm from Olios, Df, S) Eusparassus vestigator
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 11, f. 1a-f, 2a-c, 3a-d, 44a-d, 45a-d, 46a-e, 59a-b (mf) Eusparassus walckenaeri
Eusparassus xerxes Sparassidae 69, f. 56c-d, 66c-d (mf) Eusparassus xerxes
Olios quesitio Sparassidae 75 (replacement name for E. concolor, T from Eusparassus, preoccupied by O. concolor Keyserling, 1884) Olios quesitio
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