Included taxa

Pocock, R. I. (1901d). Descriptions of some new species of spiders from British India. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 13: 478-498. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Angaeus pentagonalis Thomisidae 497 (Df) Angaeus pentagonalis
Cryptothele collina Zodariidae 498 (Df) Cryptothele collina
Eusparassus maynardi Sparassidae 490 (Dmf) Sparassus maynardi
Eusparassus pearsoni Sparassidae 492 (Df) Sparassus pearsoni
Eusparassus xerxes Sparassidae 489 (Df) Sparassus xerxes
Heteropoda hampsoni Sparassidae 495 (Df) Heteropoda hampsoni
Heteropoda lentula Sparassidae 496 (Df) Heteropoda lentula
Heteropoda nilgirina Sparassidae 495 (Dmf) Heteropoda nilgirina
Leucauge beata Tetragnathidae 481 (Df) Argyroepeira beata
Lycosa fuscana Lycosidae 485 (Df) Lycosa fuscana
Lycosa goliathus Lycosidae 484 (Df) Lycosa goliathus
Lycosa iranii Lycosidae 485 (Df) Lycosa iranii
Lycosa madani Lycosidae 486 (Df) Lycosa madani
Lycosa masteri Lycosidae 484 (Df) Lycosa masteri
Lycosa pictula Lycosidae 486 (Df) Lycosa pictula
Lycosa prolifica Lycosidae 485 (Df) Lycosa prolifica
Lycosa yerburyi Lycosidae 486 (Df) Lycosa yerburyi
Olios admiratus Sparassidae 492 (Df) Sparassus admiratus
Olios greeni Sparassidae 494 (D) Sparassus greeni
Olios hampsoni Sparassidae 491 (Df) [] Sparassus fuligineus
Olios hampsoni Sparassidae 491 (Df) Sparassus hampsoni
Olios milleti Sparassidae 494 (Dm) Sparassus milleti
Olios obesulus Sparassidae 493 (Df) Sparassus obesulus
Olios pyrozonis Sparassidae 490 (Df) Sparassus pyrozonis
Olios rotundiceps Sparassidae 493 (Df) Sparassus rotundiceps
Olios stimulator Sparassidae 492 (Df) [] Sparassus iranii
Orsinome armata Tetragnathidae 480 (Dm) Orsinome armata
Oxyopes hindostanicus Oxyopidae 482 (Dmf) Oxyopes hindostanicus
Oxyopes rufisternis Oxyopidae 483 (Dm) Oxyopes rufisternis
Oxyopes ryvesi Oxyopidae 482 (Df) Oxyopes ryvesii
Oxyopes wroughtoni Oxyopidae 483 (Dmf) Oxyopes wroughtoni
Tetragnatha coelestis Tetragnathidae 478 (Df) Tetragnatha coelestis
Tetragnatha paradisea Tetragnathidae 479 (Df) Tetragnatha paradisea
Thelcticopis ajax Sparassidae 488 (D) Thelcticopis ajax
Thelcticopis bicornuta Sparassidae 489 (Dm) Thelcticopis bicornutus
Thelcticopis hercules Sparassidae 487 (D) Thelcticopis hercules
Thelcticopis rufula Sparassidae 488 (Dm) Thelcticopis rufulus
Thelcticopis virescens Sparassidae 488 (Dm) Thelcticopis virescens
Tylorida marmorea Tetragnathidae 479 (Dmf) Orsinome marmorea
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