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Pfliegler, W. P., Pfeiffer, K. M. & Grabolle, A. (2012). Some spiders (Araneae) new to the Hungarian fauna, including three genera and one family. Opuscula Zoologica, Budapest 43: 179-186. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa lignaria Lycosidae 180, f. 1a-b, 2a-d (mf) Acantholycosa lignaria
Clubiona neglecta Clubionidae 180, f. 2e-f (m) Clubiona neglecta
Episinus maculipes Theridiidae 182, f. 1c, 2g-h (f) Episinus maculipes
Oecobius maculatus Oecobiidae 182, f. 1e-f, 2i-k (mf) Oecobius maculatus
Pandava laminata Titanoecidae 184, f. 1d, 2l-m (f) Pandava laminata
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