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Bolzern, A., Burckhardt, D. & Hänggi, A. (2013). Phylogeny and taxonomy of European funnel-web spiders of the Tegenaria-Malthonica complex (Araneae: Agelenidae) based upon morphological and molecular data. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 168(4): 723-848. doi:10.1111/zoj.12040 download pdf


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Eratigena agrestis Agelenidae 743, f. 1I, 8C-F, 9A-H (Tmf from Tegenaria, S) Eratigena agrestis
Eratigena arganoi Agelenidae 747, f. 12C-D, H, N-O (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena arganoi
Eratigena atrica Agelenidae 749, f. 1J, 2H-J, 8A-B, 9I-O, 10A-G (mf, T from Tegenaria, S of E. duellica and E. saeva, rejected by Oxford & Bolzern, 2018: 351) Eratigena atrica
Eratigena balearica Agelenidae 761, f. 13A-B, I-J (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena balearica
Eratigena barrientosi Agelenidae 762 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena barrientosi
Eratigena bucculenta Agelenidae 762, f. 8L-O, R-S, 11C-F, I-P (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena bucculenta
Eratigena feminea Agelenidae 763, f. 8J-K, P-Q, 11A-B, G-H (Tmf from Tegenaria, S) Eratigena feminea
Eratigena fuesslini Agelenidae 764, f. 8G-I, 10H-K (mf, T from Tegenaria) Eratigena fuesslini
Eratigena herculea Agelenidae 766, f. 12A-B (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena herculea
Eratigena hispanica Agelenidae 767, f. 12F-G, L-M (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena hispanica
Eratigena incognita Agelenidae 768 (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena incognita
Eratigena inermis Agelenidae 768, f. 13C-D, K-L, R, 14A-B, E-F (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena inermis
Eratigena montigena Agelenidae 770, f. 10L-O (Tmf from Tegenaria) Eratigena montigena
Eratigena picta Agelenidae 771, f. 12R-T, 13G-H (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena picta
Eratigena sardoa Agelenidae 772, f. 12I-J, P-Q (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena sardoa
Eratigena sicana Agelenidae 772, f. 12E, K (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena sicana
Eratigena vidua Agelenidae 848 (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena vidua
Eratigena vomeroi Agelenidae 773, f. 13E-F, M-Q, 14C-D, G-H (Tmf from Malthonica) Eratigena vomeroi
Hellamalthonica minoa Agelenidae 844 (incertae sedis) Malthonica minoa
Hellamalthonica paraschiae Agelenidae 844 (incertae sedis) Malthonica paraschiae
Hellamalthonica spinipalpis Agelenidae 844 (incertae sedis) Malthonica spinipalpis
Malthonica daedali Agelenidae 844 (incertae sedis) Malthonica daedali
Tegenaria achaea Agelenidae 775, f. 15A-B (f) Tegenaria achaea
Tegenaria advena Agelenidae 779 (nomen dubium) Tegenaria advena
Tegenaria anhela Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria anhela
Tegenaria annae Agelenidae 781, f. 14M-P, 16E-K (Dmf) Tegenaria annae
Tegenaria annulata Agelenidae 783, f. 14J, 15R-U (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria annulata
Tegenaria argaeica Agelenidae 784, f. 15C-F, 18G-H (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria argaeica
Tegenaria ariadnae Agelenidae 787, f. 14Q-T, 16C-D, L-N (Dm, f, S of Tegenaria labyrinthi) Tegenaria ariadnae
Tegenaria armigera Agelenidae 788, f. 15G-J (mf) Tegenaria armigera
Tegenaria boitanii Agelenidae 810, f. 17W (f; misidentified per Dimitrov, Bolzern & Arnedo, 2022: 4) Tegenaria percuriosa
Tegenaria bozhkovi Agelenidae 789, f. 17H-J (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria bozhkovi
Tegenaria campestris Agelenidae 789, f. 17K-L, O-P [not f. 26] (mf, T from Malthonica) Tegenaria campestris
Tegenaria capolongoi Agelenidae 790, f. 22A-B (f) Tegenaria capolongoi
Tegenaria carensis Agelenidae 790, f. 16O-R, 18D-F (f, Dm) Tegenaria carensis
Tegenaria circeoensis Agelenidae 791, f. 18I-M, 22L-S (Dmf) Tegenaria circeoensis
Tegenaria cottarellii Agelenidae 848 (S of Tegenaria xenophontis) Tegenaria cottarellii
Tegenaria croatica Agelenidae 793, f. 17X-Z, 19N-O (Df) Tegenaria croatica
Tegenaria dalmatica Agelenidae 793, f. 1G-H, 2A-B, D, 15K-L, O-Q (mf, T from Malthonica) Tegenaria dalmatica
Tegenaria dentifera Agelenidae 795 (incertae sedis) Tegenaria dentifera
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 795, f. 1A-D, 2F, 16W-X, 17A-B, 18A-C (mf, S of Tegenaria domesticoides) Tegenaria domestica
Tegenaria eleonorae Agelenidae 797, f. 20O-R (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria eleonorae
Tegenaria epacris Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria epacris
Tegenaria faniapollinis Agelenidae 797, f. 17V (mf, S of Tegenaria paragamiani) Tegenaria faniapollinis
Tegenaria femoralis Agelenidae 797, f. 21A-D (mf) Tegenaria femoralis
Tegenaria ferruginea Agelenidae 799, f. 2C, E, 21J-M (mf, T from Malthonica, S of Tegenaria heteropalpa) Tegenaria ferruginea
Tegenaria hasperi Agelenidae 802, f. 15M-N (mf, S of Malthonica nemorosa) Tegenaria hasperi
Tegenaria hauseri Agelenidae 803, f. 17D-E, Q-R (mf) Tegenaria hauseri
Tegenaria henroti Agelenidae 803, f. 20N, S-V (mf) Tegenaria henroti
Tegenaria lehtineni Agelenidae 846 (Tm from Malthonica) Tegenaria lehtineni
Tegenaria lenkoranica Agelenidae 846 (Tm from Malthonica) Tegenaria lenkoranica
Tegenaria levantina Agelenidae 803, f. 23I-J (f) Tegenaria levantina
Tegenaria lyncea Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria lyncea
Tegenaria maronita Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria maronita
Tegenaria mediterranea Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria mediterranea
Tegenaria mirifica Agelenidae 804, f. 23E-H (mf) Tegenaria mirifica
Tegenaria montana Agelenidae 804 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria montana
Tegenaria montiszasensis Agelenidae 804, f. 14I, 16A-B (Df) Tegenaria montiszasensis
Tegenaria nakhchivanica Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria nakhchivanica
Tegenaria pagana Agelenidae 805, f. 23K-W (mf, T from Malthonica, S of Tegenaria baronii, T. cerrutii, T. marinae and T. pagana urbana) Tegenaria pagana
Tegenaria pagana Agelenidae 848 (S of Tegenaria longipalpis, removed from nomen dubium) Tegenaria pagana
Tegenaria parietina Agelenidae 806, f. 1E-F, 21N-R (mf, S of Tegenaria taprobanica) Tegenaria parietina
Tegenaria parmenidis Agelenidae 808, f. 18N-Q, 22C-K (f, Dm) Tegenaria parmenidis
Tegenaria parvula Agelenidae 810, f. 20J-M (mf, T from Malthonica, S of Tegenaria velox) Tegenaria parvula
Tegenaria pasquinii Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria pasquinii
Tegenaria percuriosa Agelenidae 810 (S of Tegenaria bithyniae; rejected by Dimitrov, Bolzern & Arnedo, 2022: 4; f f. 17W = T. boitanii per Dimitrov, Bolzern & Arnedo, 2022: 4) Tegenaria percuriosa
Tegenaria pieperi Agelenidae 811, f. 17S-T (f) Tegenaria pieperi
Tegenaria pindosiensis Agelenidae 811, f. 19L-M, 20W-Z (Df) Tegenaria pindosiensis
Tegenaria podoprygorai Agelenidae 812 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria podoprygorai
Tegenaria pseudolyncea Agelenidae 846 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria pseudolyncea
Tegenaria racovitzai Agelenidae 812, f. 17C, F-G, M-N (mf, S of Tegenaria antrorum) Tegenaria racovitzai
Tegenaria ramblae Agelenidae 813, f. 16S-V (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria ramblae
Tegenaria regispyrrhi Agelenidae 813, f. 24A-J (mf) Tegenaria regispyrrhi
Tegenaria rilaensis Agelenidae 815 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria rilaensis
Tegenaria sbordonii Agelenidae 815, f. 18R-S (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria sbordonii
Tegenaria schmalfussi Agelenidae 816, f. 17U (f) Tegenaria schmalfussi
Tegenaria schoenhoferi Agelenidae 816, f. 14K-L, 15V-W (Dm) Tegenaria schoenhoferi
Tegenaria silvestris Agelenidae 817, f. 19A-I, 20A-I (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria silvestris
Tegenaria tridentina Agelenidae 818, f. 23A-D (mf) Tegenaria tridentina
Tegenaria tyrrhenica Agelenidae 820, f. 21E-I (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria tyrrhenica
Tegenaria vallei Agelenidae 848 (Tmf from Malthonica) Tegenaria vallei
Tegenaria vankeerorum Agelenidae 821, f. 19J-K, 24K-P (Dm) Tegenaria vankeerorum
Genus Family Page
Eratigena Bolzern, Burckhardt & Hänggi, 2013 Agelenidae 738