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Planas, E., Fernández-Montraveta, C. & Ribera, C. (2013). Molecular systematics of the wolf spider genus Lycosa (Araneae: Lycosidae) in the western Mediterranean basin. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 67(2): 414-428. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2013.02.006 download pdf


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Hogna simplex Lycosidae 426 (Tf from Lycosa) Hogna simplex
Lycosa baulnyi Lycosidae 426 (Tmf from Allocosa) Lycosa baulnyi
Lycosa fasciiventris Lycosidae 426 (T from Allocosa, S of Lycosa ambigua and L. panousei) Lycosa fasciiventris
Lycosa granatensis Lycosidae 426 (nomen dubium) Lycosa granatensis
Lycosa hispanica Lycosidae 426 (Tf from Hogna) Lycosa hispanica
Lycosa leireana Lycosidae 426 (nomen dubium) Lycosa leireana
Lycosa malacensis Lycosidae 426 (nomen dubium) Lycosa malacensis
Lycosa munieri Lycosidae 426 (Tf from Allocosa) Lycosa munieri
Lycosa oculata Lycosidae 426 (Tmf from Allocosa) Lycosa oculata
Lycosa spiniformis Lycosidae 426 (nomen dubium) Lycosa spiniformis
Lycosa suboculata Lycosidae 426 (Tf from Allocosa) Lycosa suboculata
Lycosa tarantula Lycosidae 426 (S of Lycosa narbonensis) Lycosa tarantula
Lycosa virgulata Lycosidae 426 (nomen dubium) Lycosa virgulata
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