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Tanikawa, A. (2013a). Taxonomic revision of the spider genus Ryuthela (Araneae: Liphistiidae). Acta Arachnologica 62(1): 33-40. doi:10.2476/asjaa.62.33 download pdf


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Ryuthela iheyana Heptathelidae 34, f. 2D-F, 3D-F, 4D-F, 5, 6A-E (f, Dm) Ryuthela iheyana
Ryuthela ishigakiensis Heptathelidae 38, f. 2J-L, 3J-L, 4J-L (mf, S) Ryuthela ishigakiensis
Ryuthela nishihirai Heptathelidae 33, f. 2A-C, 3A-C, 4A-C (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai
Ryuthela sasakii Heptathelidae 38, f. 2G-I, 3G-I, 4G-I, 6F-Y (mf, S of R. secundaria and R. owadai) Ryuthela sasakii
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