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Gao, C. X. & Li, S. Q. (2014). Comb-footed spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae) in the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, Southwest China. Zoological Systematics 39(1): 1-135. doi:10.11865/zs20140101 download pdf


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Allothymoites repandus Theridiidae 2, f. 1A-B, 2A-D, 3A-D (Dm) Allothymoites repandus
Allothymoites sculptilis Theridiidae 4, f. 4A-B, 5A-C, 6A-D (Dm) Allothymoites sculptilis
Ariamnes columnaceus Theridiidae 11, f. 7A-B, 8A-B, 9A-D (Dm) Ariamnes columnaceus
Ariamnes petilus Theridiidae 13, f. 10A-B, 11A-B, 12A-D (Dm) Ariamnes petilus
Carniella foliosa Theridiidae 17, f. 13A-B, 14A-B, 15A-D (Dm) Carniella foliosa
Carniella forficata Theridiidae 20, f. 16A-B, 17A-B, 18A-D (Dm) Carniella forficata
Carniella strumifera Theridiidae 20, f. 19A-D, 20A-B, 21A-E, 22A-D (Dmf) Carniella strumifera
Chrysso dentaria Theridiidae 28, f. 23A-B, 24A-B, 25A-D (Dm) Chrysso dentaria
Cryptachaea uncina Theridiidae 33, f. 26A-D, 27A-C, 28A-E, 29A-D (Dmf) Cryptachaea uncina
Dipoena calvata Theridiidae 35, f. 30A-B, 31A-B, 32A-D (Dm) Dipoena calvata
Dipoena complexa Theridiidae 41, f. 33A-B, 34A-B, 35A-D (Dm) Dipoena complexa
Emertonella serrulata Theridiidae 45, f. 36A-D, 37A-C, 38A-E, 39A-D (Dmf) Emertonella serrulata
Emertonella trachypa Theridiidae 50, f. 40A-D, 41A-B, 42A-E, 43A-D (Dmf) Emertonella trachypa
Parasteatoda palmata Theridiidae 57, f. 44A-B, 45A-C, 46A-D (Dm) Parasteatoda palmata
Phoroncidia floripara Theridiidae 61, f. 47A-D, 48A-C, 49A-E, 50A-D (Dmf) Phoroncidia floripara
Phycosoma corrugum Theridiidae 63, f. 51A-D, 52A-B, 53A-E, 54A-D (Dmf) Phycosoma corrugum
Phycosoma crenatum Theridiidae 70, f. 55A-B, 56A-D, 57A-D (Dm) Phycosoma crenatum
Phycosoma ligulaceum Theridiidae 70, f. 58A-B, 59A-D, 60A-D (Dm) Phycosoma ligulaceum
Platnickina fritilla Theridiidae 77, f. 61A-D, 62A-C, 63A-E, 64A-D (Dmf) Platnickina fritilla
Steatoda spina Theridiidae 83, f. 65A-B, 66A-B, 67A-D (Dm) Steatoda spina
Steatoda terebrui Theridiidae 84, f. 68A-B, 69A-B, 70A-D (Dm) Steatoda terebrui
Tekellina helixicis Synotaxidae 90, f. 71A-D, 72A-C, 73A-E, 74A-D (Dmf) Tekellina helixicis
Theridion acanthopodum Theridiidae 92, f. 75A-B, 76A-B, 77A-D (Dm) Theridion acanthopodum
Theridion circuitum Theridiidae 98, f. 78A-B, 79A-B, 80A-D (Dm) Theridion circuitum
Theridion cygneum Theridiidae 98, f. 81A-B, 82A-B, 83A-D (Dm) Theridion cygneum
Theridion falcatum Theridiidae 103, f. 87A-B, 88A-D, 89A-D (Dm) Theridion falcatum
Theridion irrugatum Theridiidae 106, f. 90A-B, 91A-B, 92A-D (Dm) Theridion irrugatum
Theridion mucidum Theridiidae 109, f. 93A-D, 94A-C, 95A-E, 96A-D (Dmf) Theridion mucidum
Theridion papillatum Theridiidae 115, f. 97A-D, 98A-B, 99A-E, 100A-D (Dmf) Theridion papillatum
Theridion squamosum Theridiidae 122, f. 101A-B, 102A-B, 103A-D (Dm) Theridion squamosum
Theridion zonulatum Theridiidae 100, f. 84A-B, 85A-B, 86A-D (Dm) [] Theridion echinatum
Thymoites ramosus Theridiidae 124, f. 104A-B, 105A-C, 106A-D (Dm) Thymoites ramosus
Yunohamella gibbosa Theridiidae 130, f. 107A-B, 108A-B, 109A-D (Dm) Yunohamella gibbosa
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