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Frick, H. & Scharff, N. (2014). Phantoms of Gondwana? — phylogeny of the spider subfamily Mynogleninae (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Cladistics 30(1): 67-106. doi:10.1111/cla.12025 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afroneta bamilekei Linyphiidae 83, f. 16a (f) Afroneta bamilekei
Afroneta lobeliae Linyphiidae 83, f. 16b (f) Afroneta lobeliae
Afroneta subfusca Linyphiidae 83, f. 9a (m) Afroneta subfusca
Afroneta tenuivulva Linyphiidae 83, f. 9b, 12a, 14f (m) Afroneta tenuivulva
Cassafroneta forsteri Linyphiidae 83, f. 17a (f) Cassafroneta forsteri
Haplinis diloris Linyphiidae 83, f. 8b, 9c, 11a, 14b-c, e, 15c, 16c (mf) Haplinis diloris
Haplinis horningi Linyphiidae 83, f. 12b, 17b (mf) Haplinis horningi
Haplinis subdola Linyphiidae 83, f. 9d (m) Haplinis subdola
Haplinis tegulata Linyphiidae 83, f. 10e, 11b, 16d (mf) Haplinis tegulata
Hyperafroneta obscura Linyphiidae 83, f. 12c (m) Hyperafroneta obscura
Laminafroneta bidentata Linyphiidae 83, f. 9e, 12d (m) Laminafroneta bidentata
Laminafroneta brevistyla Linyphiidae 83, f. 16e (f) Laminafroneta brevistyla
Metafroneta sinuosa Linyphiidae 83, f. 9f, 12e, 17c (mf) Metafroneta sinuosa
Metamynoglenes gracilis Linyphiidae 83, f. 11c, 12f, 16f (mf) Metamynoglenes gracilis
Metamynoglenes helicoides Linyphiidae 83, f. 10a, f, 17d (mf) Metamynoglenes helicoides
Novafroneta gladiatrix Linyphiidae 84, f. 10b, 13a, 15g (mf) Novafroneta gladiatrix
Parafroneta minuta Linyphiidae 84, f. 17e (f) Parafroneta minuta
Parafroneta westlandica Linyphiidae 84, f. 13b, 17f (mf) Parafroneta westlandica
Promynoglenes nobilis Linyphiidae 84, f. 10d, 11d, 13c (m) Promynoglenes nobilis
Promynoglenes silvestris Linyphiidae 84, f. 10c (m) Promynoglenes silvestris
Pseudafroneta pallida Linyphiidae 84, f. 11e, 13f, 15a (m) Pseudafroneta pallida
Pseudafroneta perplexa Linyphiidae 84, f. 8a (m) Pseudafroneta perplexa
Trachyneta jocquei Linyphiidae 84, f. 11f (m) Trachyneta jocquei
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