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Teixeira, R. A., Campos, L. A. & Lise, A. A. (2014). Phylogeny of Aphantochilinae and Strophiinae sensu Simon (Araneae; Thomisidae). Zoologica Scripta 43(1): 65-78. [Figs. in Appendix 3] doi:10.1111/zsc.12036 download pdf


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Aphantochilus inermipes Thomisidae 73, f. 15D, 17A-B (m, f. f) Aphantochilus inermipes
Aphantochilus rogersi Thomisidae 73, f. 7A, D, F, 9E, 10A, 11A, G, 12A, 13A, I, L, 14A, 15A, 17C (mf) Aphantochilus rogersi
Bucranium affine Thomisidae 73 (T from Majellula) Bucranium affinis
Bucranium pulchrum Thomisidae 73 (T from Majellula) Bucranium pulchra
Bucranium spinigerum Thomisidae 73 (T from Majellula) Bucranium spinigera
Bucranium taurifrons Thomisidae 73, f. 7B, 9F, H, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13B, G, 14B-C, 15E-F, 17D-F (mf, S) Bucranium taurifrons
Ceraarachne blanci Thomisidae 74, f. 8E, 9D, 10D, 11E, H, 12G-H, 16C, 18H (m, f. f) Ceraarachne blanci
Ceraarachne varia Thomisidae 74, f. 8D, H, 10C, 13C, H, J, M, 14D, 18A, D, G (m) Ceraarachne varia
Simorcus coronatus Thomisidae 74, f. 11D, 16A, 18C, F (mf) Simorcus coronatus
Strigoplus guizhouensis Thomisidae 75, f. 8B, 9B, G, 12E, 13E, 16D-E, 19A-B (mf) Strigoplus guizhouensis
Strophius albofasciatus Thomisidae 75, f. 8G, 9A, 10E-F, 11C, 14E-H, 16F, 19D (mf) Strophius albofasciatus
Strophius bifasciatus Thomisidae 75 (nomen dubium) Strophius bifasciatus
Strophius didacticus Thomisidae 75 (nomen dubium) Strophius didacticus
Strophius fidelis Thomisidae 75, f. 14I-J, 16G, 19E (mf) Strophius fidelis
Strophius hirsutus Thomisidae 75, f. 16H, 19F (f. m, f) Strophius hirsutus
Strophius melloleitaoi Thomisidae 75 (nomen dubium) Strophius melloleitaoi
Strophius nigricans Thomisidae 75, f. 8A, 11I, 12C-D, 13F, N, 16I, 19C, G (mf) Strophius nigricans
Strophius sigillatus Thomisidae 75 (nomen dubium) Strophius sigillatus
Ulocymus muricatus Thomisidae 74, f. 8F, 11F, 13K, 18B, E (f. m, Tf from Synstrophius=Ceraarachne) Ulocymus muricatus
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